About Sexpert Jane Blow

Jane Blow Website is an awesome team of sex positive writers. They go by the names of Jane Blow, Chanel Covington, Nikki CoXXX, Silo Johnson and Dr. Slick. We’ve joined together to help you with life’s sexual mysteries and mishaps. Hopefully we’ll be able to celebrate triumphs and have a lot of fun at events together too!

Jane Blow is a sister to Nitecap Video and The Dog and Pony Show Website. She provides Sexpert Advice to anyone who asks. A Sexpert is a working, knowledgeable person who has a degree or two and vast knowledge in sexual behavior, biology, cultural norms and deviancy. Famous Sexperts include, but aren’t limited to, Nina Hartley (Famous Porn Star and “how-to” video maker), Tristan Taormino (The Anal Expert), Sue Johanson (The Talk Sex Lady on Oxygen), and Dr. Drew (That Dr guy from Loveline and Celeb Rehab).

You’ll see the term Stunt Cock thrown about in our reviews; they are guy friends, boyfriends, friends of friends or clients who are male. The thing with being a female team in the beginning, is that we don’t have a penis of our own. We instead have to improvise and welcome friends and fans to help us get the best information to you!

Jane Blow won’t judge a soul, and promises to make grown men blush, we are awesome people to know and work with. Collectively, we make a powerful team.

We are going to answer life’s sexual mysteries and bedroom dysfunctions!

Jane will help with that questionable one night stand rash you’ve got or help you get that threesome you’ve been dreaming about. Find out what is the latest news in toys, the sex industry and in the sex education world right here on this very website.

Everyone’s sex lives will get exponentially better, even if you’re flying solo. There is no question too embarrassing and no fetish too far out there. Jane WILL turn you on, and she has HEARD IT ALL in her collective adventurous life, so don’t be shy and give her your best shot. Jane Blow has been an unconventional therapist to many (ya know, like a bartender, cab driver or beautician); We dare you to shock her.

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