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Erotica: The Winter Classic: A Pre-Game Warm Up

We were two ranger fans in a sea of orange, but there was no way either of us could pass up the opportunity to go such a historic event. The stadium was packed! Over 45 thousand people, over 2.5 times as many as at any game we had been to at Madison Square Garden, but this was the Winter Classic. The energy was titillating, and the excitement had me wet since we left the house to make the drive down. Of course your wandering hand between my legs hadn’t made the ride any easier.

We made sure to get to our seats early, before the stadium became swamped with Flyers fans, but it was cold, and I needed to warm up…

You walked behind me as we left our seats to get some hot chocolate, I’m not sure what you saw through all of the layers I had on, but you had always liked me in my NYR jersey. When we got downstairs I felt you grab my wrist turn me around abruptly, and pull me close for an unexpected kiss. It was sweet, and as soon as I felt your lips press against mine, and the firmness of your cock behind your jeans, I was soaked all over again. I quickly forgot about the hot chocolate and pulled us into an open doorway.

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Sexlopedia: Eskimo Brother

Eskimo Brother: When two males acknowledge having been intimate with the same female and remain on good terms; the men are now bonded by having shared the same igloo at one time or another.

I learned this term while watching The League (please see clip below) with a friend.


Editors Note: The female equivalent is Eskimo Sister.

FLASH!: How Far Would You Go To Pay Off Your Debt?

I’ve recently decided to go to Law School…

Upon embarking on this journey, I didnt consider how much it would actually cost me to go through with it. Yes I quickly added up the math, 3 years at $50,000.00 per year would equal $150,000.00. However my preliminary mathematics were a little off…

Considering I don’t have $150K lying around (or a money tree growing out back), I’d be taking out loans. We arent talking a few hundred, or even a few thousand dollars. I had to take a class to pass the entrance exam, pay for the application process, books, a laptop, the commute, throw in some interest at a not so great rate and very quickly I noticed how I just made a nearly $300,000.00 decision, to enter a field that is getting paid progressively less and less upon graduation. (That’s if you can even find a job in this economy!)

Honestly, if the schooling isn’t stressful enough, the idea of being in debt for as much as some people spend on a house should have me tugging my hair out.

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Sexlopedia: Dick Daze

I was recently chatting with my friend Dave and he mentioned yet another term I didnt understand. The conversation went something like this: ” …blah blah blah and I told him, shes in a dick daze blah blah blah…” I gathered from the rest of the conversation that this was some sort of effect the man had on the woman after they had sex. Then it dawned on me, this is the male equivalent of MVP. I am all for equal opportunity, so if I know of a term for one sex, I try to find the equivalent for the other. Well boys and girls, here ya go!

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Sexlopedia: Katoptronophilia

I was trolling twitter (as I do daily), and one of my twitter friends, @Vukizzle mentioned a term, or part of a term in a tweet.  I figured, if she didn’t know what it was called, and I didn’t know what it meant, that some of you might not know what it is either…

Here is the tweet that inspired my research…

“RT @CandyAppleAlly @Vukizzle a kapto-wha? — basically it means I like to fuck in front of mirrors :)”



After a little work on the internet here is the definition:

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WingMan vs. WingWoman

Which would you pick?

Since lately I’ve had the luxury of siting around and lounging at home, not only have I been able to build up a killer tan, but I’ve also had the opportunity to watch completely useless television.

In the mornings (if I am up) I try to catch Live with Regis and Kelly on ABC, but lets face it, why would I be up that early?

However I have been getting up in time for the Rachel Ray Show (don’d judge me, I have a love hate relationship with that woman).

Anyway, more to the point… this show featured a company called

As a man, you are inclined to grab a few of your guy friends as “WingMen” when you go out looking for women. Ever consider that you might have better success with a “WingWoman” ?

Its pretty simple logic, women tend trust other women more easily and quickly than they would a pack of men. If a group of guys approaches a woman, she feels more like prey than like an object of interest and will immediately put up a wall. Whereas when a woman approaches a woman and suggests she meet her attractive/funny/smart guy friend, we are far more open to the idea!

Personally, I think this is genius! Finally a service that provides them. (I’ve been a wingwoman to my guy friends for years – maybe I should start charging?).



Erotica: Suit & Tie Guy vs. Construction Worker – Part II

“Once we recomposed ourselves we stepped out only to find ourselves in a crowd of people. The party had moved into this room, and as everyone politely made conversation amongst themselves, I couldn’t help but wonder, had they heard my ecstasy?”

Continued From: Erotica: Construction Worker vs. Suit & Tie Guy – Part I

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Erotica: Construction Worker vs. Suit & Tie Guy – Part I

“Before his hand even made it up to my clit, I thought I might come. The slow, strong, powerful, manly, teasing had me so worked up I was afraid I’d climax at the next strong gust of wind. Then without a word he bent me over the ledge and I’d noticed a wet spot where I had been sitting.”

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FLASH! Iceland’s Penis Museum Finally Gets Human Specimen

Iceland keeps screaming for attention! Last year some unpronouncable volcano errupts… and this year a human penis in a museum? There has to be a joke in there somewhere…

According to the inter-webs: “The average Icelandic penis is 11″, the average Italian penis is 9″ and the average English penis is 5″ -I guess thats why Iceland has the museum?

-Thanks to one of our Twitter friends (who wishes to remain anon) for this little gem!!!

Iceland’s Penis Museum Finally Gets Human Specimen

“In life, Pall Arason was an attention-seeker. In death, the 95-year-old Icelander’s pickled penis will be the main attraction at one of the world’s most bizarre museums.”

My favorite part has to be at the very end:

“But the museum director was coy when asked about the size of his newest acquisition.

‘I can’t tell you that,’ Hjartarson said. ‘You will just have to come and see it.'”

Happy Reading Kiddies!


Erotica: A Sextual Fantasy – Part II

As Ive done once before, the following erotica will be the submission of a fan/follower/friend…

I hope you enjoy his work, because I know I did!

Feel free to offer feedback below or to follow him on Twitter @itsgriffsi

Continued From: Erotica: A Sexual Fantasy – Part I

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