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Dear Jane, Any Tips for BJ’s With a Condom? The Boyfriend Has Herpes.

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I’m trying to have safe Oral (the boyfriend has herpes, I dont) but no one seems to be talking about tips for sucking a guy off with a condom. Got any advice? Should I also avoid any mouth action on the balls to be safe or can I go there? He has no sores.


Your sex lives aren’t over.

Avoid skin to skin contact surrounding times of an outbreak and during outbreaks because herpes is contagious. It can be passed during any outbreak including cold sores or genital sores. It can also be passed during viral shedding.

During an outbreak: Avoid any type of oral, I’m finding it “can be passed from genital to mouth” but it isn’t common.  Wait till it passes, consider doubling up on meds (preventative) and avoid skin to skin contact.

As for BJ tips with a condom…


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Dear Jane, Being Poly Isn’t a “Phase”; How Do I Explain This to My Partner?

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My wife and I have been poly as long as we’ve been together. She wants us to go mono but I cant. How can I explain in a way she will understand I don’t know how to change this part of me?

You’ll have to tell her, just like that. You love her dearly, but being poly is a part of you she loved in the beginning and if she wants to be with you still, she’ll have to accept.  Just like all the things that make her, her, that you accept with the package.

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Dear Jane: I Can Last Longer In Bed After I Get A Quick Orgasm Out; Is This A Turn Off For Her?

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Hey I got a question , When i have sex i cum with in a minute . but i can stay hard after .. Is this a turn off for girls . Am i better off asking for a blow job and telling her to make me cum so i can last longer durning sex ? also is there something wrong with me or is it normal to cum fast?

I’m going to make a crack at bad parenting for a second, or ya know what? This could also be because you haven’t asked any guy friends. It was covered in There’s Something About Mary. But never mind that.

Ever hear the expression “Never go out with a loaded gun”?


It mean’s masturbate before you go out to meet someone.

If it makes you feel better to have her not know about the first hurdle you have to jump so you can last longer in bed, then rub one out before you get to her. Everyone’s body is different, and you’re certainly not the only guy out there who after he gets that first pop out of the way, he can last for days.  You’re normal, it is a mind over matter issue.

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Dear Jane: How Do I Tell My Girl, “I’m Bi”?

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How do I tell my girl, I am Bi?

If I was a guy (and I assume you are, because it is easier for a woman to say “hey I’m bi” to their boyfriend and have the relationship be okay) I would start with anal play with my girlfriend first.

After or If she is comfortable with HER doing it…

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Sexlopedia: Queening


Queening is an exaggerated version of face sitting. Face sitting, is exactly how it sounds.  Oral sex as someone “sits on your face”.  Queening is usually used as a BDSM term.  It is a mix of face sitting + ass worshiping + a dominant woman making you service/lick/adore/get smothered in her vagina/ass.

There are pieces of furniture specifically built for queening, more often they are simply called thrones or smother boxes.  Smothering is taking Queening a step further, but they often hold hands as sexual practices.

Dear Jane: If I Drink More Milk, Will I Cum More?

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So… A recently acquired friend of mine was telling me about this guy he knows (they’re in their 20’s for the record).  His friend, although college educated, didn’t quite get the mechanics of how the body breaks down the foods we eat and they had a conversation that went a little something like this:

Guy: Yo bro, I’m going to drink so much milk today, this girl better watch out later! She’s going to need goggles!!

Friend: Wait, what? Do you really think when you drink milk, it turns directly into cum?

Guy: uh…

Friend: Just because they’re both whiteish, doesn’t mean your cum is milk… HAHAHAHAHAHA

Guy: :(


If I was there, I would have told the guy if he wanted a bigger “pop shot”… to try this instead

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Dear Jane: My Squirt Smells… You Said It Isn’t Supposed To Smell?!!

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To say that I squirt when I cum is an understatement. I gush. Half the time it’s odorless, but the other half of the time the smell is really unpleasant. Do you know of anything that may cause that?


You’re right… every documentary, blog, informational site, peer review, dvd, workshop etc… in the last X years says “squirt isn’t pee and it doesn’t smell”.  But ya know what? Sometimes it does.  Here are a few reasons why it might… or how it could all be just in your head.

Don’t worry your pretty uh, faces off, just read this little rational list of what could be up.

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Dear Jane: My Partner Gets a Headache Before She Orgasms, Why?

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My girlfriend has started to get headache while she is about to cum. Any suggestions? No, she doesn’t get one before hand. It’s when her heart rate goes up and she gets excited.


This happens for a few reasons, let’s go through the basics.

1. Are you on vacation, is the elevation of where you are different from where you usually are?

2. Is she tired? This causes headaches.

3. Is she hungry? Low blood sugar could cause headaches.

4. Is she stressed out or nervous about something you’re doing together or life in general?

5 Allergies, Sinus?

6… Lastly, 

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Dear Jane: I’m Bigger Than a Regular Condom; But Not Big Enough for a Magnum Condom

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So.. I’m just slightly too small for a magnum, it feels like. What should I get?


There are several sizes of condoms, but some words are hidden in the naming of the product from the companies to help differentiate their brand from others.

Fitted = smaller than regular. I’ve been told that Kimono brand condoms run small too.

Most condoms are “regular” if they don’t have any special wording on them pertaining to size (Magnum, Max, Fitted…). Usually the fun condoms are “regular” fit or “average” fit. This would be all the fire Ice, Studded, Ribbed, Twisteds… Extended Pleasure, Warming. Most Polyurethane, and I believe all Lamb Skin condoms are also regular fit unless it says differently on the box.

Large. Trojan has a “large” condom that is smaller than their Magnums. These don’t come with any special add-ons that I’ve seen yet. These are either really hard to find, or they discontinued them in most places. I’ve noticed the Ecstasy condoms are also a little larger than usual, probably because of the new fit design. Anything with that bulb up front (like the Twisted pleasure) will give you a little more room.

Magnums are larger than large in the Trojan brand condoms. Companies have given magnums the Ecstasy lube and warming lubes too… so be careful what pack you pick up.

And there are also XL Magnums and Durex XXL.

READ CAREFULLY! Be proud that you’re practicing safe sex and stand in that condom isle an extra 5 minutes to read the packaging carefully. That makes 5 sizes of condoms and an array of lubes and textures to sort through.

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Pleasurists #143

Narcissusby JogiART

Welcome to Pleasurists, a round-up of the adult product and sex toy reviews that came out in the last seven days. If you like what you see and want more of it be sure to follow our RSS Feed and Twitter.

Did you miss Pleasurists 142? Read it all here. Do you have a review for Pleasurists 144? Be sure to read the submission guidelines and then use the submission form to submit before Sunday August 21st @ 11:59pm Pacific.

Want a shiny new toy? All you’ve got to do is enter.


Scarlet Lotus

On to the reviews…

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