Jane Goes to Convention – Momentum: Making Waves in Sexuality, Feminism & Relationships.

If you follow me on twitter, you’ll get to know more of my antics, thoughts, and whereabouts. On March 30th, I drove down from Staten Island to Washington, DC for the Momentum Conference 2012: Making waves in sexuality, feminism & relationships, and I was there till April 2nd (with a pit-stop at a college friend’s place). Apologies to anyone with me on their time line who didn’t understand my #mcon tweets- I’m going to explain though!

After I got my bearings (got there a little late), I had a good time. I caught most of the Opening Keynote with Dr. Charlie Glickman, Dr. Logan Levkoff, Audacia Ray, Bill Taverner and Dr. Carol Queen as moderator. Snaps, claps, moans and giggles erupted from the room as they pulled at our emotions and aroused our hot buttons with the power of what they were doing in the world. The pannel’s goal was to discuss the role of sexuality in today’s culture, how they make waves that help change perceptions and kick off the weekend on a “you can be a part of the change” message… and that they accomplished.

In the series of Momentum posts, I’ll discuss my thoughts and feelings about each of the sessions I sat in on. I promise I will try not to get link happy but I know many of my readers aren’t as “in it” as I am and other of my sexuality blogger “friends and coworkers” reading this are. There is an interview coming up with Brian Gross where I do go link happy but that’s what happens when two people who know what they’re talking about start only using first names of who they’re talking about.

Education was on the forefront of buzzwords said at Momentum. Educating ourselves, peers, adults, other teachers, doctors, children… everyone. To stop the ignorance, sadness and hate – educate!

And that is the point of conferences of Momentum… to open up the dialog, have the conversation, spur a movement and get the message out to people who don’t know.

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FACT! Today is Steak & a Blow Job Day!

Mark it down, cross the days off, and keep your calendar open on March 14th. As many of you may or may not know, guys don’t have a day for themselves. After Hallmark created Valentines on February 14th, a day in which men get to display their fondness and undying love to their significant other by showering them with gifts and affection, guys started getting depressed…

After the Steak and BJ… you can grab some Pie if you’re a 3.14 geek too!



Special Thanks: My Pervy Friend “Bob”.

Read more about the History:

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Remember, Remember the 4th of November because it is National Sex Toy Day!!

Just the other day I was sitting at work, minding my own business (aka, I was all over twitter reading yours) and I got this hella “mysterious message” from my pal at asking me if I wanted a free toy.  I’ve already had several of them and figured “nah, I’m good, let someone else take it”.  But I couldn’t help to wonder WHY that particular toy, and what was so darn mysterious about it.  I mean, it was a regular nothing fancy, red, Pocket Rocket.  Been there, done that, had my fair share of them, and I’ve moved on.  I still sell them every day, and they aren’t going anywhere… any time soon.  So why a pocket rocket?  I know a few reasons, but there must be more to it.

They’re cool, they’re a great place to start (pocket rockets that is), they have one speed, they take 1 battery, you can travel with them, and they’re made for beginners and pros alike… they’re easy to hide, I could go on and on about the positive ways a simple pocket rocket can change your life.

When I received the follow up email, I was a little sad.  I hadn’t realized how symbolic that little toy really is, especially in this case.  MyPleasure is sponsoring the very first Nation Sex Toy Day on November 4th!!

“Sex Toy Day is a day dedicated to educating the American public and getting them talking about how sex toys can or have changed their lives. We’re trying to help remove some of the taboo around the subject. And while we know that most of you are pretty excited about sex toys, we know that lots of other people still think they’re pretty icky. But with your help we can change peoples’ attitudes.

But the really exciting thing is that we’ll be giving away 1,000 MyPleasure Waterproof Pocket Rockets … absolutely free! And when I say absolutely free I mean people won’t even have to pay for shipping. They just enter their address (we do not sell addresses and we will not mail them unsolicited promo materials) and we ship them out discreetly. It’s really as simple as that. We’re trying to get people to try sex toys with no strings attached to see what they’re missing and to get folks talking.”

A FREE toy, that’s right.  Whether you have 100 toys, or 0… all you have to do is go to the website and enter your address.  Period. That’s it.

If you want to be a part of the movement, tell a friend.  Talk toys. Tweet it, Facebook it, if you’re a blogger – hit up the blog carnival.  If you support the cause, they’ll support you by adding your logo to the sponsors page too!

In honor of National Sex Toy Day, I’ll be reviewing as many toys as I possibly can from now till then – wish me luck!

What Would You Do For A #form3? @My_Pleasure Wants To Know

[]We’re so excited about the JimmyJane Form 3 and we wish we could give everyone one just to see how fun and innovative it is. Unfortunately that’s just not possible if we want to stay in business. But we can give one away to one extremely lucky person.

Excuse me? A FREE Jimmy Jane Form 3? SIGN ME UP!

According to the contest I have to join the newsletter (check), join the twitter and facebook (double check), tweet about it every day (24/7 check) and write a blog post (check!) and say what I would do for a Form 3; I can comment as much as I want but I’m going to limit myself to 10.  So, here are the 10 things I would do for a Form 3 with some reasons WHY I NEED a Form 3.

1.  I would write a toy review and make sure I submit it to the Pleasurists; this way news gets out that I have a Form 3, and it goes into a community of sex toy lovers who will hear about me winning (hopefully/ jealously) and will want to buy one for themselves.

2.  I would make a 6 course meal dedicated to the Form 3 and invite my favorite toy connoisseurs.  Because a 3 course just isn’t enough, and there would be truffles and gold flake involved.  I promise it will be spectacular. Pics to come?

3.  I need this toy because it brings me back to when I would buy silky panties and lightly finger my clit over them, there is just something about a single, thin, tantalizing layer between my own finger and my clit.  For whatever reason, I stopped masturbating like this and I would LOVE to try it with the Form 3.  So, until I win, I’m going to resist buying myself the perfect pair of panties to bring this old habit back.

4. I vow to only use the Form 3 to masturbate for a solid week straight.  Those of you who know about my collection, and my obsession with certain toys will find this VERY hard to believe.

5.  I like the idea of this toy so much, if I win, I’d let @My_Pleasure send it to me in… pink.  Those of you who know my hatred for pink toys will scoff and call me a sell out.  BUUT I’ll have a Form 3, and you wont. :p

6.  If I EVER grow tired of the Form 3, which, I highly doubt.  I promise to pass my fortune forward using the Toy Swap Network. There is no need for this toy to end up in the misfits drawer of my collection, it should ALWAYS get lovin’.

7.  I would create one of those fun ” how many times can you find the sex toy” pictures using the Form 3.

8.  In my collection, there are some pretty cool sex toys, but I have yet to get a JimmyJane.  I wasn’t impressed with the company till the Form 6, and 2 came out… I think the Form 3 would be an excellent start.

9. I would dye part of my hair to match the Form 3, I’ve been itching to do something different, this could be a good reason!

10. I would take pics of the Form 3 in all sorts of fun places like the SI Ferry, Manhattan, the gym I go to, and other famous or fun places.  In a Flat Stanley sort of way :)

Since I’m sooooooo cool, I’m going to share with you how to enter the contest for yourself! After the cut of course!

Edited to Add: I WON !!! YIPPEE !!!!!

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So, You Want To Work In A Sex Shop?

Now is your chance.

I was told to hire new employees.  Usually they take applications till they are blue in the face, talk to the people for a little while, throw them on a shift or two to see if they can handle it and hire someone.

Well, that is basically what I’m going to be doing, but, I really don’t want to hire some drone who just thinks they are superior because they work in a freakn’ sex shop.  They don’t get to know the products, and think it is cake work.  Sure, being a body IS cake, but I don’t want another body.

I’ve never made needing coworkers at Nitecap Video such a public event before, but I’m tired of bodies and figure this is a good way to reach out to other sexperts.

“Nitecap Video, Open till 3am, This is Jane… … … 3am!”

I want someone like me, and any of my other “coworkers” out there in “my field”.   I need a sex knowitall, someone who is into products and is hungry to learn more.  Open to all sexualities, genders, and is a special kind of crazy.  Be  ready to deal with 3 bosses.  Yes, three.

You have to be able to adapt, sell, be ready to do inventory, and do regular shop upkeep.  The shifts are 8-9 hours long, and we’re open not only till 3am but also on holidays, and weekends.  So remember, if WE are open – YOU are working.  Tell grandma you’re sorry if you miss Christmas Eve.

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#13Orgasms Contest Sponsored by @TopcoToys !!

This morning while reading my facebook news stream, I was reminded it was Friday the 13th.  Not being the least bit superstitious I laughed at all the status updates warning against black cats, broken mirrors and walking under ladders.  My next thought was “fuck that, I’d rather have 13 Orgasms… bring it on!”

And so it sat as my update for a bit – and then I got an email from @TopcoToys during my lunch break asking if I’d run a contest.  I knew not being superstitious (and constantly horny) would pay off!!


They have a Mask made of Spandex with zipper eyes and mouth for sensory deprivation from their Asylum line, (which is hot and fresh and brand spankin new!!) which is their bondage-y medical-y fetish line.  I can’t even buy the Asylum line for my store yet!! So you will be one of the firsts to own the mask.

They have paddles, straight jackets, ball gags… and more to come.  For the purposes of this contest, I’m going to call it a “Jason Mask” and ask you:

If I was your captive, how would you “torture” me?

The mask comes in large and small, and is unisex (bonus! because I’m bisexual!) — so slip it on, and torture me (please!)

Contest closes midnight on 8-13-2010

Adventures at Exxxotica 2009!! {NSFW for T&A!!}

Who: Myself representing DAPS and Nitecap Video, a few friends, free passes, lots of Porn Stars and Assorted Sluts.

What: Speaking our minds, taking pictures with porn stars, heavily discounted sex toys (like The Fleshlight buy one get one!),  several stage shows (including Strip for Pain) and several informative seminars (including a sex position workshop).

When: 25th-27th of September.

Where: NJ Expo Center


Why: Because I love my job and Porno fucking rocks!

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Attending a Nina Hartley Workshop !!

I was sitting at work one day, putting prices on dildos and ordering movies when the phone rang (as it does).  I knew who it was just by looking at the number; it was my favorite movie distributor Tracy Sales.  She calls me special for new releases, most of her other customers get a lousy email, needles to say Jane Blow is loved.  We do the special orders:

“Yes, sure I’ll take 4 copies of Big White Asses #7, but not the Jules Jordan Semen Sippers #19.”  I like doing orders when clients are around, the funny looks are the best.  Tracy also tells me about all the porn stars coming through.  She has ties with Alexis Texas, Belladonna and Jesse Jane to name a few.  Usually my bosses wave off the store signing because we don’t have enough time to advertise and I don’t usually go because I’m working.  This time around she had a special treat for me.

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