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FLASH! Condoms, There’s an App for Them

Hey! Look what Justin found!

Never have a Booty Call condom mishap ever again! Check out the link for details!

This Valentine’s Day, which is also National Condom Awareness Day, finding free NYC Condoms will be easier than ever. Today, the Health Department launched the NYC Condom Finder, a free smartphone application designed to locate the five nearest New York City venues that distribute free NYC Condoms.

The application allows users to determine their location through either global positioning system (GPS) technology on their smartphone or by manually entering an address. The application also provides specific directions to each venue (the user can choose from walking, driving or public transportation directions), the hours of operation for each location, the types of safer sex products available and helpful tips on condom us! age.

With almost 1,000 condom distribution locations throughout the five boroughs currently accessible through the mobile app, New Yorkers will find that no matter where they are, they can always be protected from sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, and unintended pregnancy.

Justin Says: HPV and You!

HPV and you! Part 2 in a series of….well, a lot.

Over the past few years, and if you did not live under a rock, you have probably heard a lot about HPV – the Human Papillomavirus. HPV can cause all kinds of issues including sterility and cancer, especially in women. The American Social Health Association reported estimates that about 75-80% of sexually active Americans will be infected with HPV at some point in their lifetime.

In fact, if you’re hanging around a group of 10 women ages 20 – 24, it’s a good chance that 3 of them have HPV. Just imagine a very large Sorority house – oh god it’s likely HPV is everywhere!! All joking aside, let’s take a look at this chart:

But wait! I heard that you can now get a vaccine called Gardasil or Cervxil that prevents girls from getting HPV?” Yes, you can. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gardasil “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends vaccination before adolescence and potential sexual activity” I won’t get into the debate on whether Big Pharma scared everyone into pushing their tweens to get this vaccine or the debate that if you force your adolescent to get this vaccine they should know what it’s for and what it prevents. (Ex: Mommy and Daddy think you’re potential slut material, so we are taking you to the doctor to get you protected but aren’t telling you why.) Of course I generalize greatly with that statement as some parents did use this as an opportunity to talk to their spawn about sex and STDs. Good on those guys. In my personal experience I find that many mom’s take their daughters for the vaccine because the mom already has HPV. So onto chart numero dos:

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Justin Says: Chlamydia and You!

Chlamydia and you!

In an effort to better educate about the dangers of not knowing if your partner has a healthy crotch, I will be doing my best to put out a series of articles from the new 2009 STD CDC Surveillance Report. If you have a school project or a vested interest in the sexual health of others, you should definitely check out the link.  Oh and don’t worry it’s not all bad news – we’ve actually had some STD rates go down!

First up we will look at Chlamydia. According to www.urbandictionary.com ; “Chlamydia is a common sexually transmitted disease caused by the bacterium, Chlamydia trachomatis, which can damage a woman’s reproductive organs. Even though symptoms of Chlamydia are usually mild or absent, serious complications that cause irreversible damage, including infertility, can occur “silently” before a woman ever recognizes a problem.” That definition is good enough for me. First let’s check and make sure Chlamydia is still a problem: (Only pay attention to the dotted blue line for now)

Alright, so now we know the rates are going up…next up, let’s take a look at where in the U.S. Chlamydia is hitting the hardest: (The darker the blue, the more Chlamydia in that area)

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Justin Says: Positive Outlook on Sexual Heath is Important to Have; Dear Tyler Clementi, We Understand.

If the current economic turmoil and high unemployment crisis made you choose between eating this week or keeping the internet on, you may have missed the story of Tyler Clementi. Tyler, an 18 year old Rutgers University student jumped off the George Washington Bridge and washed up dead. Why? During a sexual encounter romp he was secretly taped by his roommate, who aired it live over Skype. So what’s the big deal you might be asking? Was his form bad? Was he a fatty? Small dick?  The “issue”, which should be a non-issue, is that Tyler was a closeted young gay man. We know that his family did not know about his homosexuality, and that his roommate was planning to catch Tyler on camera and stream it online a second time.

No one has come forward yet to tell us that they were a confidant of Tyler’s, we may never know what emotions or feelings were going through his head, but if he was like the any of the estimated millions of young gay men who are not out about their sexuality, Tyler was afraid, shamed, stressed and confused.

Rutgers, being in such close proximity to that liberal elitist homo-friendly and tempt-tatious New York City, should have a friendly gay scene. And, low and behold, Rutgers University has a history (since 1969 ) of many clubs and LGBTQ organizations. We also know Tyler thought his hookup session was going to be broadcast the second time; he approached his RA and started the official University policy to put a stop to what was going on. No one thinks his voyeuristic roommate had pure evil or homophobic tendencies, or that outing Tyler would be the factor that pushed him to suicide, but really Dharun Ravi, that kind of immaturity should have been left at high school, and even there it’s never appropriate. “Like, OMG, there are TWO DUDES KISSING, guys you gotta’ check this out! What homos!”

And three paragraphs in, here’s my point: To have a positive sexual health, you need to be mentally, physically and spiritually prepared to accept and live as who you are. That’s why we grow up. That’s why we have adolescence. That’s why psychologists are classifying twenty-something’s as “young adulthood”. According to Erik Ericson,

“The young adult must develop intimate relationships with others. Not resolving this conflict leaves the young adult feeling isolated. The young adult must be willing to be open and committed to another individual”.

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Justin Says: You Can’t Cheat Death or the Tax-man, But You Can Cheat STDs… Here’s How!

About once a month I tend to get a phone call around 2 am from friends. In every case but one so far, it’s been similar to the following script: “OHMYGODJUSTINIAMFREAKINGOUT!!1!!11!! I think I might have done something with someone who had something.” First I try to calm the person down, and find out why they think they just got a STD…and I quote…“Because after we had sex he/she told me they had somethin’ somethin‘ bad. ..”

That’s  a good reason to freak out. I know only one person who is enough of a douche bag to actually kid about giving someone an STD, most people don’t screw around with others like that so it’s usually safe to assume the sexual partner is telling the truth. Without delving too much into the psychosocial aspects, a partner will tell you after a sexual experience because the guilt weighs heavy – and people in general do care about the well being of others, more so if it’s a partner they want to see again and continue to be intimate with.

Of course there are plenty of caveats to my above statement – a one night stand-fling won’t really give a shit, but people are more cautious with that type of thing. A hooker isn’t going to tell you about her rotten crotch and then there’s the people who are just fucksticks and have no idea about maintaining a positive sexual health and are swimming in a sea of ignorance and most likely crabs.

Let’s pretend you are in a situation where you have been exposed to something rather nasty, and you are freaking out calling the Sexpert team at 2 am in the morning. Don’t lose hope! There are some immediate prevention methods you can do to lower your risk of acquiring the STD you were exposed to.

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Justin Says: How To Spot Bullshit About Sex

I came across the following article, and at first I thought, “Hey wow, that’s cool, women are opening up more and more to explore their sexual needs.” Then I read past the headline. What a piece of shit. I don’t pretend to be a writer, I’m quite sloppy going about my word-smithing, but I do know a thing or two about statistics and science. I hope to arm you with enough knowledge and wisdom to spot poor sexual information & advice.

The first thing to know is, you can make statistics say anything you want. Let’s take a look at the following chart and manipulate it to say things it really doesn’t:

Disingenuous interpretation: “Wow! As a white heterosexual male or lesbian female, I’m not in any risk group for HIV. COMMENCE WITH THE FUCKING!

Proper Interpretation: “Hmm, this chart lists 85% of the High-Risk groups, as a heterosexual white male or lesbian female I may not be high-risk for HIV, and thus not represented on the chart, but it doesn’t mean we can’t contract it, lets get some protection!

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Justin Says: Your Prophylactic has a first name it’s f-c-t-w-o

In most relationships there is a negotiation process. A quid-pro-quo. – you suck me off, I’ll eat you out.. You take it in the pooper, and I’ll do the threesome…you peg me and I’ll make you dinner…etc. But even before any of those deals are made, there is one negotiation that people get very uncomfortable about – being protected.
As time goes on I hope to address more barriers and ways to communicate to have a safe sexual, healthy experience.  This post is about one type of prophylactic, and some negotiation skills when being intimate with a partner.

The prophylactic we will look at today is the fc2 Female condom. WTF is a female condom you might be asking? Well,  I could just Google it for you… but the easiest way to explain it is like a reverse male condom.

Instead of sheathing over a penis, the female condom is inserted into the vagina. It’s held in place by an inner ring made of polyurethane, an outside ring is kept just outside the outer lips of the vagina, and the rings are connected to each other by a nitrile compound. I’ll be honest it looks like a very large male condom, and is just kinda weird.
Like a male condom, the female condom is only as effective as its users; however the female condom is easier to use improperly then a male condom.

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Justin says: It’s time to Put Prissy Prudes in their Place

We all have had to deal with people that rub us the wrong way. You know who I’m talking about – those people that bring up a certain “je ne sais quoi” in you, and you can’t wait to be rid of their company. These types of people exist through all social, political, religious, and ethnic circles. I want to single out one in particular – the holier-then-thou, sexually conservative, morally righteous, abstinent until married, virginity pledge taking, ignorant to THE FACTS, daddy-daughter ball dancing prissy prude.

Before you say, “But Justin, you write scienc-y pieces with facts, and numbers and crap, what’s this all about?” Well, people in general piss me off, and one of the worst offenders on that list are the aforementioned prissy prudes. If you have the unlucky circumstance of coming within 10 feet of one you need to know how to keep cool and repute all their bile with the things they fear most: Facts and an understanding of the human body and it’s sexuality and the difference between gender and sex, and being of the opinion that homosexuality is a choice, etc.

Are we on the same page now?  You get who I am talking about?  I’m not calling out educated virgins, or educated religious folk – you are cool with me, we are friends.

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Justin Says: Knowing your Rights – STDs/STIs

When it comes to STD/STI (sexually transmitted diseases/infections) and criminally infecting someone…there are things you should know.

Just a quick point of clarification, you may be saying to yourself STD?? I thought they were all called STIs now?! The simple answer is not all STDs are infections, and not all STIs are diseases, that’s why they had the name breakdown to be more specific because some people get sand in their vaginas when it comes to healthcare and what type of rotten crotch they may have – diseased or infected….


I’m here to help you get to know your responsibilities and the rights of couples when STDs are involved.

Many States in the U.S. lately have been enforcing laws legislated in the 1980s on criminal transmission of STDs. These laws were passed as knee jerk reactions to the HIV/AIDS epidemic but because of the anonymity with many of the 1980’s sexual transmissions (ala homosexual bathhouse sex with multiple partners) and a 100% mortality rate up until the mid-90’s, no one ever brought legal action. It would have been nearly impossible to find the person, and why bother wasting what precious time left before your immune system winked out.

Jump to today’s world: STD transmission is still high among homosexual gay men, but it’s always been highest in heterosexuals…especially young women. (In a future article I’ll go over why that is and how to decrease risk of getting an STD statistics) With medical advances as they are today, people can live long lives with HIV/AIDS, Herpes, HPV, and the other non-curable STD/STIs. But if you have the unfortunate luck of getting a test result that shows up positive, well after the initial shock and denial, the anger sets in. Someone gave it to you, and that someone is going to pay!

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Justin Says: A Positive Sexual Health Starts With Each Other

The following is a summary of an article about to be published in Social Science & Medicine.

It deals with male dominance over a woman’s reproductive health. When I first read through the article I was taken aback, you hear about the anecdotal horror stories and everyone knows some girl who was forced to do something terrible by her partner concerning her own body. Whether its domestic rape or an unwanted abortion, control of another persons reproductive systems is physically and emotionally damaging. We are not talking about a BDSM role-play where one partner is put into chastity, or having a rape-fantasy, but actual day-to-day control of another persons body – against that persons will.


Male reproductive control-which takes place when a woman’s partner imposes his re productive intentions on her through intimidation, threats or actual violence-occurs among women who have experienced intimate partner violence, according to “Male Reproductive Control of Women Who Have Experienced Intimate Partner Violence in the United States
<The full article can be found here> ,” by Ann Moore.

The authors conducted in-depth interviews with 71 women aged 18-49 who had a history of intimate partner violence; they were recruited in 2007 from a domestic violence shelter, a freestanding abortion clinic and a family planning clinic providing a full range of reproductive health services. The study found that 53 respondents (74%) reported having experienced some type of reproductive control. Women reported that their partners threatened them before sexual intercourse and insisted that they were going to make them pregnant. They were also prevented from obtaining or using contraception. During sexual intercourse, women experienced a range of behaviors by partners actively seeking to cause a pregnancy. Women reported forced or unwanted intercourse (sometimes unwanted only because it was unprotected), failure to withdraw when that was the agreed upon method of contraception, refusal to use condoms or manipulation of condoms to render them ineffective, and violent rape.

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