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Maxim on How to “Cure A Feminist”. OH REALLY? What Are Your Thoughts?

This post contains HUGE concepts, broken down into its most basic parts and seriously condensed, if 8 paragraphs is TL;DR for you… <shrug> good luck in life.

Professor Yusi King writes:

So according to Maxim in order to “cure” a feminist and turn her into a “real girl”, you have to feminize and pornographize her…Yes this image was really in Maxim magazine and no thanks Maxim, I’ll pass.


So, this popped up on my Facebook Feed today. I did my usual shake of the head. I come from a different background (ie. I support porn AND I’m something of a feminist) from the average Jane Doe; I occasionally read Maxim magazine and other publications of the sort to see what “gems of wisdom” they’re spilling out to the public. I go to sexuality conferences AND porn conventions AND went to an eco-league college. Read: Educated about sexuality & relationships, owns being sexually deviant & proud and have a pedigree in socio-environmental hippydippy angry vegan lesbian related issues & common practices.

My opinions on this Maxim photo are mixed: Good for ratings guys, seriously bravo. Great publicity article. They wanted a reaction, and they got it. Funny thing is, in direct response to Professor Yusi King, many smart porn stars entering “the industry” do it on purpose to literally make a brand out of themselves and have very specific career goals.

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The Heterosexual Questionnaire

How Heterosexual Are You? Take the Test!

The following is a tongue-in-cheek questionnaire designed to illustrate the heterosexism implied in these same questions asked of lesbians and gays.


Heterosexism is the belief that everyone is, or should be, heterosexual. It is the belief that rights and privileges should only go to heterosexuals and that any other sexual or romantic orientation either doesn’t exist and/or is inferior to heterosexuality.

Gays and lesbians experience these questions in the same way a heterosexual would. When people say that living gay is an “alternative” lifestyle I always tell them that for me living straight is an alternative lifestyle.

Gloria Steinem illustrated the insanity of sexism by stating the question, “What if we do to men what is done to women?” She writes that if men were given lower paying jobs than women, lowered their chances of climbing the corporate ladder, and had to endure other forms of sexist acts they would be appalled and everyone would see the insanity of what is done to women.

Imagining heterosexist questions directed at straights illustrates the insanity done to gays and lesbians.

1. What do you think caused your heterosexuality?

2. When and how did you first decide you were a heterosexual?

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Gender Celebration Carnival Round Up!

I’d like to thank Elle for starting the Gender Celebration Carnival, I much enjoyed reading the posts from many points of view and I hope you did/do too my dear readers!

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The Gender Celebration Carnival: Are My Nipples Getting The Correct Signals?

Note To My Readers: If you are familiar with my short Q&A type posts, this might be TL;DR. But hang in there, I am about to discuss Living Gender, how I identify, and what that means to me.

If I had a dollar every time someone told me to “put my cock away” or said “oh, Jane has her cock out today”… I’d have a sizable collection of paid for VixenCreations cocks and accessories.

This is my friends’ affectionate way of commenting on my actions, obliviousness (sorry I didn’t notice your new glasses), sex drive or thought patterns. I don’t own any packers, and I can count the “cock shaped” toys I own on one hand (with fingers left over). I’ve always been “one of the guys”, and I’ve always been comfortable having more guy friends than female.  My mother worried and proclaimed often “you were born a girl, I’m going to raise a girl”.

Am I? Yes.

Do I own a strap-on? Yes. Do I wear/use it regularly? Unfortunately, No. Do I have penis envy? Yep, you bet your ass I do.

Multiple orgasms, the ability to birth life, being receptive, needing to ride the wave of emotions, talking out my problems to work them out, writing style, and nurturing aside… my outward “femaleness” is easily identifiable. I wear low cut shirts, pants that hug my ass, I have 38D breasts, and my long brown hair has never left my shoulders after 27 years of hair cuts. I’ll indulge in a mani/pedicure now and then, and I’ve even been known to slap on a dress, heels and make-up when I’m feeling like it.

Am I girly? You decide.

You’ve heard the filth pour out of my mouth (here, twitter etc), I listen to metal and just can’t get into chick/folk music.  I drink Jack Daniels, but don’t dislike a bottle of wine. I’m a Pisces, my favorite color has always been blue. My friends know my head is the first to follow a nice ass that passes. Surely not a “lady like” thing to do, whether I saw them coming or when I get elbowed back to reality. I’ll compliment a burp, but can’t stand toilet humor.  I love to eat with my hands and get dirty. I can separate sex from love; is that more a male “thing” or is a person “thing”?

I’ll fuss like a bitch if my shoes hurt my feet, but enjoy every layer of glam needed to dress up for a wedding  (but it is because I love taking each layer off to have raunchy dirty sex later).  I’m far more comfortable in jeans, graphic T, and pair of shell tops.

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WingMan vs. WingWoman

Which would you pick?

Since lately I’ve had the luxury of siting around and lounging at home, not only have I been able to build up a killer tan, but I’ve also had the opportunity to watch completely useless television.

In the mornings (if I am up) I try to catch Live with Regis and Kelly on ABC, but lets face it, why would I be up that early?

However I have been getting up in time for the Rachel Ray Show (don’d judge me, I have a love hate relationship with that woman).

Anyway, more to the point… this show featured a company called WingWomen.com

As a man, you are inclined to grab a few of your guy friends as “WingMen” when you go out looking for women. Ever consider that you might have better success with a “WingWoman” ?

Its pretty simple logic, women tend trust other women more easily and quickly than they would a pack of men. If a group of guys approaches a woman, she feels more like prey than like an object of interest and will immediately put up a wall. Whereas when a woman approaches a woman and suggests she meet her attractive/funny/smart guy friend, we are far more open to the idea!

Personally, I think this is genius! Finally a service that provides them. (I’ve been a wingwoman to my guy friends for years – maybe I should start charging?).



The Last Abortion On Earth

Supposedly, well, at least word on the internet says:

Practitioners who counsel women seeking abortions do an exercise called “the last abortion.” The participants choose one woman among six who will be allowed to receive the last abortion on earth. It is an exercise in individual ethics and forces one to confront her own prejudices. There is an orphaned teenager, a victim of rape, a woman carrying a medically deformed fetus, a 46-year-old woman with HIV, a 12-year-old, and a graduate student who wants to finish her Ph.D. They all have good reasons, because all the reasons are theirs. And in the end, that is the answer: All the reasons are theirs.

If you were the chooser — what would be your choice?

Most Guys Don’t Like Anal

You want what you can’t have, until you have it: ANAL

That’s right, most guys aren’t really into anal.  It’s all about the thrill of the chase, the forbidden fruit, the greener grass, etc.  The majority of straight males you encounter talk about how they desperately want to penetrate a girl’s asshole.  “How can I get my girl to give up the ass?”  The thing is, once they get it, they’ve accomplished their goal and they move on.  Yes they’ve enjoyed it, it was tighter, it was dirtier, but they’re probably not that kinky to begin with and the appeal was the only attraction.

The ass: Not just a tighter vagina

The problem with this is, anal will most likely hurt a girl the first time.  She’s scared, she’s tense, she tightens up, which in turn makes it harder to get your penis in, which makes the whole experience more challenging.  So after this one uncomfortable encounter, the girl is left with a memory of a very unpleasant event.  The sad thing is, if you had the interest to try it a few more times, the girl would relax and most likely LOVE IT.  I said it, not like it, LOVE IT.  Anal can be immensely enjoyable for the female and can also lead to earth shattering orgasms.

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Sex On The Brain: Orgasms Unlock Altered Consciousness

Our intrepid reporter performs an intimate act in an fMRI scanner to explore the pathways of pleasure and pain

WITH a click and a whirr, I am pulled into the scanner. My head is strapped down and I have been draped with a blanket so that I may touch my nether regions – my clitoris in particular – with a certain degree of modesty. I am here neither for a medical procedure nor an adult movie. Rather, I am about to stimulate myself to orgasm while an fMRI scanner tracks the blood flow in my brain.

My actions are helping Barry Komisaruk at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey, and colleagues to tease apart the mechanisms underlying sexual arousal. In doing so, not only have they discovered that there is more than one route to orgasm, but they may also have revealed a novel type of consciousness – an understanding of which could lead to new treatments for pain (see Top-down pain relief).


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@Fleshlight was on @DanielTosh, Have You Seen the Clip?

@Fleshlight on Tosh.0 (@danieltosh) last night.

Here is the video http://bit.ly/eG0eRZ

Check out Fleshlight’s buzz page, they let you know what is going on behind the scenes, update you on sales and give aways, and shows you how to follow them!  You can buy their products from them too, and of course Nitecap Video sells them too in store and online!

Good goin’ Tosh!  Thanks for getting more xxx products in the mainstream so that more people know about them!