FLASH: Arizona Bill Declares Women Pregnant Two Weeks Before Conception

What. The. Fuck?

If they want to use these standards for their argument… they’re going to have to make male masturbation illegal because technically by these terms, those are conscious abortions (and a sin!) too. But NOOO it is all about controlling a woman’s body. Whether you’re prolife or prochoice this is ridiculous.

So technically I’m pregnant right now? UM NO. This time you can’t bend science to fit your agenda. A fetus happens when sperm meets egg… not before. Doctors make guesses according to a woman’s cycle and when the couple has had sex. This isn’t evolutionary theory, it is fact! We didn’t shake hands before we shook hands. We aren’t full before we eat. Conception happens at CONCEPTION.

And Arizona, really? I expect this out of the Bible Belt. Tisk, tisk.

Want to keep with your prolife agenda and make this about banning abortions? Well- at least you have a “rational argument” that I choose to disagree with. But this? This is something else.

Human Embryo at 6 Days... existing. 6 Days ago, let alone 2 weeks ago, it didn't exist!

A new bill up for vote in the state of Arizona would ban abortions for some expectant mothers, but that’s only the start of what lawmakers have in store. If the legislation passes, the state will consider a child to exist even before conception.

Under Arizona’s H.B. 2036, the state would recognize the start of the unborn child’s life to be the first day of its mother’s last menstrual period. The legislation is being proposed so that lawmakers can outlaw abortions on fetuses past the age of 20-weeks, but the verbiage its authors use to construct a time cycle for the baby would mean that the start of the child’s life could very well occur up to two weeks before the mother and father even ponder procreating.

via rt.com

On a related noted, check out this article on the unsung birth control hero Bill Bairid.


FLASH!: How Far Would You Go To Pay Off Your Debt?

I’ve recently decided to go to Law School…

Upon embarking on this journey, I didnt consider how much it would actually cost me to go through with it. Yes I quickly added up the math, 3 years at $50,000.00 per year would equal $150,000.00. However my preliminary mathematics were a little off…

Considering I don’t have $150K lying around (or a money tree growing out back), I’d be taking out loans. We arent talking a few hundred, or even a few thousand dollars. I had to take a class to pass the entrance exam, pay for the application process, books, a laptop, the commute, throw in some interest at a not so great rate and very quickly I noticed how I just made a nearly $300,000.00 decision, to enter a field that is getting paid progressively less and less upon graduation. (That’s if you can even find a job in this economy!)

Honestly, if the schooling isn’t stressful enough, the idea of being in debt for as much as some people spend on a house should have me tugging my hair out.

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FLASH! Cuddle Him, Give Her Sex.

The romantic comedies got it all wrong – it’s men who want to cuddle, and women who are looking for steamy sex.

Men put a strong value on kissing and snuggling, despite their tough exteriors, says a new study by the Kinsey Institute for Reasearch in Sex, Gender and Reproduction.

The researchers found that a lot of tender kissing – and not hot-and-heavy lovemaking will make a man want to stick with his partner.  Women, meanwhile are more likely to stay in a sexually satisfying relationship.

The study also fond that rather than wanting to stray after a few years, men get happier the longer a relationship goes on.


I don’t know about that last bit about men being happier the longer a relationship goes on… but I’m so happy I’m not the only “man” in the relationship”.  I knew a guy who rated kissing higher on his intimacy chart than he did sex.

What do you think?



Via: The New York Post, Fri July 8th 2011, Page 3

Source: The Kinsey Institute

FLASH! Osama Had a Porn Stash

It appears Osama bin Laden may not have been totally disconnected electronically.

Despite reports that he didn’t have Internet connection or mobile service, Reuters quotes high ranking Pentagon officials saying the Navy SEALs found pornography — and a lot of it — at Bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, consisting of “modern, electronically recorded video.”

No word on how it got there.

But some analysts are speculating it may have been transferred by thumb-sized flash drives that he used to send emails while in hiding. Or it could’ve been through the satellite television that he used to watch Al Jazeera.

Either way, it was there, according the officials, who declined to disclose the titles of the “extensive” collection.

My Infamous Pervy Friend strikes again!

Source: LA Times

FLASH! @Fleshlight Sends SEAL Team 6 Fleshlights!

The world’s number one selling sex toy company, Fleshlight (www.fleshlight.com)[editor’s note: TOTALLY NSFW] has extended their thanks to SEAL Team 6…who conducted one of the bravest missions in American history, forever changing the landscape of the Unites [sic] States of America, and the world.

The company sent the SEAL team a six case of Fleshlight products named “Stealth.” This product is aptly named as it is very concealable and hard to detect…

“We want to thank the Navy SEALs for their efforts,” says Brian Shubin, COO of Fleshlight. “For their courage, and the fact that they risked their lives to protect our freedom, we hope they will appreciate our gifts.”

From My Infamous Pervy Friend,

Source: Mother Jones

FLASH! Man Catches Fire While Watching Porn at A Sex Shop

That must have been one sizzling sex scene.

Cops and firefighters are searching for clues about what caused a man to burst into flames while watching porn in a private booth at a San Francisco sex shop.

Crew members from a private ambulance parked near the sex shop in the city’s South of Market neighborhood spotted the porn junkie running down the street while on fire just after 6 p.m. Wednesday, a fire department spokesman told the Daily News.

Police Lt. Kevin McNaughton told CBS San Francisco that the man had run out of the shop “engulfed in flames” and police officers and firefighters near the scene arrived quickly and helped put the man out.

The man, who wasn’t identified, was taken to a hospital, where he was being treated for life-threatening burns over 90% of his body, the fire spokesman said.

An employee told police the man was watching a movie in the back of the store when he ran out screaming and on fire, KTVU television reported.

Investigators said they didn’t know how the man caught fire and were searching the booth for flammable materials or other accelerants.

Source www.nydailynews.com

My theory? Rush + Cigarette + Jerking off while not paying attention = Fire

FLASH! Iceland’s Penis Museum Finally Gets Human Specimen

Iceland keeps screaming for attention! Last year some unpronouncable volcano errupts… and this year a human penis in a museum? There has to be a joke in there somewhere…

According to the inter-webs: “The average Icelandic penis is 11″, the average Italian penis is 9″ and the average English penis is 5″ -I guess thats why Iceland has the museum?

-Thanks to one of our Twitter friends (who wishes to remain anon) for this little gem!!!

Iceland’s Penis Museum Finally Gets Human Specimen

“In life, Pall Arason was an attention-seeker. In death, the 95-year-old Icelander’s pickled penis will be the main attraction at one of the world’s most bizarre museums.”

My favorite part has to be at the very end:

“But the museum director was coy when asked about the size of his newest acquisition.

‘I can’t tell you that,’ Hjartarson said. ‘You will just have to come and see it.'”

Happy Reading Kiddies!


FLASH! Condoms, There’s an App for Them

Hey! Look what Justin found!

Never have a Booty Call condom mishap ever again! Check out the link for details!

This Valentine’s Day, which is also National Condom Awareness Day, finding free NYC Condoms will be easier than ever. Today, the Health Department launched the NYC Condom Finder, a free smartphone application designed to locate the five nearest New York City venues that distribute free NYC Condoms.

The application allows users to determine their location through either global positioning system (GPS) technology on their smartphone or by manually entering an address. The application also provides specific directions to each venue (the user can choose from walking, driving or public transportation directions), the hours of operation for each location, the types of safer sex products available and helpful tips on condom us! age.

With almost 1,000 condom distribution locations throughout the five boroughs currently accessible through the mobile app, New Yorkers will find that no matter where they are, they can always be protected from sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, and unintended pregnancy.

FLASH! Charlie Sheen’s Alleged Text Messages to Capri Anderson Published

TMZ has obtained a series of text messages between Charlie Sheen and Capri Anderson, sent just hours after The Plaza Hotel incident in which Charlie is still flirting with her in a big way as he offers her $20,000.

In one text, Charlie says, “All I need is an Acct number etc and I will wire u 20k if u think that will cover everything … I really feel bad, u are as cool and sexy and as sweet and fun and friendly as they get!”

Just before sending that text, Capri fired off her own, saying “u trashed my brand new prada purse dude not cool – how u managed to rip the strap off and put 2 holes in it is beyond me.”

After offering the $20,000, Charlie says, “Don’t worry about our mutual friends, deal with me directly and I promise u kind lady, all will be restored and set straight.”

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FLASH! Lady Humps Door

Thanks to Phil Unofficial for this little nugget of crazy…

We’re not judging, but hot damn does she have some great upper body strength!

(Personally I really enjoyed the wedgie pick in preparation for round two.)