Dear Jane: How To Hair Pull?

Dear Jane,

My partner really likes their hair pulled, and I think I’m good at it.  Are there other ways? Better ways? I usually just tug on their hair, nothing special.  They tell me to do it harder though, is that a good or bad thing?

oOOooh hair pulling, one of my favorites!

If your partner has long hair, you could tug from the length of their hair by making your own “Pony Tail”, or grabbing their already done pony tail.  It is the quick way to make yourself some “reigns” and tug their head around or give them a little pain with pleasure.

I’ve found it is better to get your hands in there though, deep into their hair from the scalp.  

Run your fingers from the sides or under by their neck, like you were running your fingers through their hair, and then grab a good handful from the roots.  If you evenly space it it’ll hurt better, if I can say that.  It’ll make sense once you try it one way, and then the other to compare.  You’ll also have more control over their head; instead of putting uncomfortable pressure on the neck.

Check in with your partner if they aren’t as verbal about the way they want it.

It sounds like your partner knows what they want, I bet if you get your hands in there instead of tugging on the tail, they will get it “harder” from you.  It’s a good thing!  Your partner may have not been able to describe just how they wanted it, or KNEW they wanted more, but didn’t know there was another way to get their hair pulled.

Have fun, be safe!

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