Dear Jane: I’m Bigger Than a Regular Condom; But Not Big Enough for a Magnum Condom

Dear Jane <– Ask me a question!!

So.. I’m just slightly too small for a magnum, it feels like. What should I get?


There are several sizes of condoms, but some words are hidden in the naming of the product from the companies to help differentiate their brand from others.

Fitted = smaller than regular. I’ve been told that Kimono brand condoms run small too.

Most condoms are “regular” if they don’t have any special wording on them pertaining to size (Magnum, Max, Fitted…). Usually the fun condoms are “regular” fit or “average” fit. This would be all the fire Ice, Studded, Ribbed, Twisteds… Extended Pleasure, Warming. Most Polyurethane, and I believe all Lamb Skin condoms are also regular fit unless it says differently on the box.

Large. Trojan has a “large” condom that is smaller than their Magnums. These don’t come with any special add-ons that I’ve seen yet. These are either really hard to find, or they discontinued them in most places. I’ve noticed the Ecstasy condoms are also a little larger than usual, probably because of the new fit design. Anything with that bulb up front (like the Twisted pleasure) will give you a little more room.

Magnums are larger than large in the Trojan brand condoms. Companies have given magnums the Ecstasy lube and warming lubes too… so be careful what pack you pick up.

And there are also XL Magnums and Durex XXL.

READ CAREFULLY! Be proud that you’re practicing safe sex and stand in that condom isle an extra 5 minutes to read the packaging carefully. That makes 5 sizes of condoms and an array of lubes and textures to sort through.

Extended Pleasure or Endurance has a numbing agent to help him last longer.

Her Pleasure has a stimulant on it – some tingle, others make her tighter (not always pleasant).

Warming – warms.

Fire and or Ice has dual lubricants on it – one side cools the other warms.

Studded & Ribbed & Twisted have texture on the outside of the condom for your partner to feel.

Ecstacy brand uses a silicone lubricant to make them feel ultra smooth, instead of the usual glycerine/water based lubricant. Silicone lube lasts for a super long time, you’re going to need soap and water to wash it off fully.

Thin or Bare mean a very thin condom – their opposite would be the regular condoms.  There used to be a clearly labeled “ultra” condom which was believed to be thicker than usual, but wording has changed since I’ve seen them on the shelves.

Some people who believe they are allergic to latex because of condoms – could be having a reaction to the lube ON the condom, not the condom itself.  Try non lubricated condoms and your own lube before you go through the expense of buying special non-latex condoms.

Non Latex Condoms include: Lambs Skin (Literally. They protect against pregnancy, but not STIs). Polyisoprene,  and Polyurethane (aka Supra, and also seen in Female Condom form) are popular for Trojan and Durex respectively.

Always pick a condom that stays on and doesn’t slide around, you don’t want that. If your condom is put on wrong, is too tight, or goes dry they will break. Stay well lubricated. A tip I give my clients is to put a drop or two (no more than that) of lube IN the condom before you roll it down… it’ll feel like a whole new world in there for ya.

If you have any more questions about condoms and sizes, don’t hesitate to ask (click the “Dear Jane”!)

PS Trojan, if you’re reading this, I HATE THE NEW BOXES. They’re bigger which screws up my entire display that hasn’t changed in over 10 years and everything is the same fucking color. People are embarrassed and confused enough by which condom to pick and now 4 of your boxes are gold/yellow? You’re all morons for changing the color coding of the boxes.

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