Dear Jane: My Partner Gets a Headache Before She Orgasms, Why?

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My girlfriend has started to get headache while she is about to cum. Any suggestions? No, she doesn’t get one before hand. It’s when her heart rate goes up and she gets excited.


This happens for a few reasons, let’s go through the basics.

1. Are you on vacation, is the elevation of where you are different from where you usually are?

2. Is she tired? This causes headaches.

3. Is she hungry? Low blood sugar could cause headaches.

4. Is she stressed out or nervous about something you’re doing together or life in general?

5 Allergies, Sinus?

6… Lastly, 

Is there a history of blood pressure issues in her family? This is a serious cause which can be fixed sometimes as easily as taking an Aspirin a day or monitoring food intake. In other cases their doctor will prescribe some medication (which may make her drowsy or hyper depending on what she gets… which adds a different “problem” dynamic to life/sex).

If this is a new issue, try looking at ideas 1-4.

If the headaches continue and you notice (gym, walking long distances, physical activity, sex, sleep) other heart related issues when being active (shortness of breath, heart pounding doing easy tasks or light exertion, persistent headaches) then see a doctor.

Key words from your question if 1-4 isn’t fixing the headaches, then I suggest seeing a doctor asap and monitoring heart rate/blood pressure.

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