Dear Jane: How Do You Like To Be Rimmed?

Dear Jane,

How do you like to have your asshole licked best?  Some people are grossed out but I have found a majority of women melt under this technique.  Also great foreplay for anal.

By George, this person has GOT IT!

Yes, analingus, rimming, tossing the salad, licking ass… is perfect foreplay, especially for anal sex.  It helps people relax, it somewhat of an intimate taboo place to put your tongue and is a very hot spot on many people’s bodies.  The poor sensitive ring of flesh is hidden tucked away by two spankable, biteable, grabbable globes and is just waiting to be touched; even if YOU think it is a “no no” spot.

Ass licking is definitely something to try thrice, I remember my first time being very…wet.  Weird.  My mind couldn’t quite let go into a pleasure zone so I pulled his head back up to my pussy and continued on.  But he was persistent and very good at manipulating my body, ultimately he won me over.

After making sure every one is clean (I showered and took care of myself), and a quick check to see if his nails are clean and mouth is fresh – no one needs pink eye or an infection… I like a few different positions.

Of course there is doggy, ass in the hair, face mashed in a pillow while he is back there licking – or me on my back and a pillow under my butt – even the laying down from behind, one leg tucked to my chest position.

Then there are the tongue strokes – I like variety, so what works one day might not work for me the next at times.  So try a long licking stroke, circles, a back and forth motion… incorporate your fingers, maybe a toy… don’t forget my clit and we can be friends.  Actually, what I like best is having fun.  If we both aren’t down for this, it isn’t fun at all.

I’ve had a partner go for an attempt just to see what it was all about, neither of us were excited about it, and the rimming was just plain awkward.  Not fun.  MUCH more fun when you are both down for it.

If you love it, go for it!  Show your partner how much fun it is, and how good it feels – and eventually they will come around to it.

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  • adamjunky

    Yo baby, ever have your asshole licked by a fat guy in an overcoat?