Erotica: Jane’s First Time… RRRip.

Jane couldn’t stop thinking of what her boyfriend’s mother said, it hounded her for over a month.  Jane was already curious enough about sex, and just didn’t need the temptation.  She knew if one of the pieces to the puzzle were missing, she couldn’t complete the picture.

That is why she never bought condoms.

She LOVED oral sex, she could go down for hours… she loved receiving it too, and he was so good at it.  Her boyfriend’s long fingers and tongue were like magic.  They would take turns at night licking every inch of one another, they knew every … single… spot to touch.  Ivan knew every beauty mark on Jane’s body, even in the dark.   He could soak her panties by just looking at her.  Jane knew when Ivan was close to orgasm and would toy with him, taking him to the edge and bring him back down with her expert blow job techniques – when she finally let him orgasm – he would get leg cramps and let out a manly growl.

Jane loved the way Ivan tasted, she would do anything to get him to finish and was upset when he found porn where the guys would bust on the woman’s faces.  She wouldn’t be able to taste him, but quickly learned she loved the feeling of come on her body as well.  Now she was always torn between feeling it, and tasting him.  She would stroke him slowly with her hand, letting the ridges from her fingers rub Ivans cock, while she would suck and lick him at the same time.  (Who would have thought clarinet lessons would actually come in handy…)  Jane would vary the pace, and stroke his balls too – nothing went untouched, unlicked, unsucked.  She lived for when Ivan would be REALLY hard in her mouth, there simply wasn’t anything better in her life at those moments.

Until Ivan’s mother ruined it.  Katie walked in the room one day when they were hanging out with a few friends and threw a dark purple box of Trojan condoms down between them all.

“Listen, I know what you guys are doing… if you are to do this under my roof, you aren’t allowed to be stupid about it.”

That was all Katie said.  She wasn’t mad or upset, it wasn’t really giving us her blessing but at least we know she cared.  The friends all looked at the box and at one another.  Jane made a mental note to be… less vocal and hadn’t stopped thinking since that moment.  She never honestly thought about sex sex, she loved oral sex more than enough to be happy.

But… there it was, the last puzzle piece.  12 brand new condoms, in a dark purple box.


And here she is, head under the covers on her knees, on the floor giving Ivan another (5th for the night) mind blowing orgasm.  She pokes her head out from under the cover so she could lay her head on his chest savoring his flavor, and smiles at her other two friends on the couch in the corner.  Danny and Samantha were trading hand jobs and finger bangs all night too.  The girl’s told their parents they were staying at one another’s houses, and snuck over to Ivan’s with Danny for an over night.

As Jane put her head on Ivan’s chest, she saw the box of condoms on the entertainment center… mocking her.  She idly massaged his balls as he slid his fingers in her long hair and decided tonight was the night - Jane had to wait till Danny and Sammy were asleep first of course.


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