Erotica: The Winter Classic: A Pre-Game Warm Up

We were two ranger fans in a sea of orange, but there was no way either of us could pass up the opportunity to go such a historic event. The stadium was packed! Over 45 thousand people, over 2.5 times as many as at any game we had been to at Madison Square Garden, but this was the Winter Classic. The energy was titillating, and the excitement had me wet since we left the house to make the drive down. Of course your wandering hand between my legs hadn’t made the ride any easier.

We made sure to get to our seats early, before the stadium became swamped with Flyers fans, but it was cold, and I needed to warm up…

You walked behind me as we left our seats to get some hot chocolate, I’m not sure what you saw through all of the layers I had on, but you had always liked me in my NYR jersey. When we got downstairs I felt you grab my wrist turn me around abruptly, and pull me close for an unexpected kiss. It was sweet, and as soon as I felt your lips press against mine, and the firmness of your cock behind your jeans, I was soaked all over again. I quickly forgot about the hot chocolate and pulled us into an open doorway.

We had no clue where we had ended up, but it seemed quiet enough with no one coming in or out, and it was surprisingly warm. You quickly close the door behind us as I take my jacket off and drop it to the floor.

As we continue kissing, my hand slides down your torso to the base of your jersey, and pulls it up ever so slightly between us. I then lean into you, making sure to press my breasts up against you as I run my finger along your skin, tracing the inside of your pants about 3 inches below your belly button. I teasingly bite your lip and you moan, not quite realizing my mouth is mimicking the motions of my fingers. Then I pull your button from its hole and your zipper down. Your pants fall to the ground and I push you against the wall, and promptly drop to my knees. My eyes widen with excitement.

I lick my lips in preparation, and then begin to slowly kiss and lick everywhere…except the one place both you and I want my soft, wet, warm lips to touch. Finally, I kiss and lick up and down the shaft and eventually the head. I then move onto swirling my tongue around the head as I take a firm hold of the base of your now swollen cock. As it hardens, and your balls tense up, I lick the shaft with my big soft tongue. The messy licks lube up all 8 inches of you so I can now use my hand to help myself. I hear you moan, and I can feel the wet spot between my legs getting bigger and I now know its gone through my jeans. I bring my other hand up to your stomach and dig my nails in, reminding you how much I love to have you in my mouth, how much I love the depth of your groans, and how excited it all makes me. And then you moan again, this time louder.

As I start to move up and down in a more consistent manner, my hand just below my lips making a figure 8 around your cock, alternating the tightness of my grip from one finger to the next, I know your eyes have rolled into the back of your head in ecstasy. Just as I’ve developed a rhythm, sucking and squeezing, and moving and moaning, and licking, I unexpectedly find an authoritative hand at my throat, and I stop dead in my tracks. My eyes open like a deer in headlights and with your cock still filling my mouth; I can feel myself drip further down my leg.

You open your eyes, look at me, and calmly explain to me that I am not to use my hand. Before I have a moment to process the information, your hand tightens around my throat, my eyes widen in arousal, and my hand drops from your cock. You tell me I’m a good girl, and in one motion you brush my cheek and reach around for the back of my head. You guide me up and down your cock, allowing me to start slowly so I may develop a rhythm. As your hand begins to push me faster and deeper, I place both hands on your thighs so I may brace myself and you force all of yourself inside my throat. It becomes hard to breath and my eyes well up with tears in them as I can feel your head twitch in the warm tightness deep in the back of my throat.

Saliva drips out of the corners of my mouth, and my mascara runs, as my eyes can no longer hold back the tears. I look up at you with pleading eyes and as we make eye contact you can feel the thick saliva in the back of my throat coating your cock. You almost cum. You then release my head just long enough so I might catch a breath, before forcing your cock back so deep in my throat that you can feel me gag around it. Between my lips at your base, and the convulsions of my throat milking you, you cum. You cum hard and deep in my mouth, and you only allow me to swallow your warm cum once you’ve finished.

As I take a moment to compose myself, you take a moment to relish in the sensation. Then you help me from my knees, and as I turn around to grab my jacket off the floor I notice the door is open and people can easily see into the room. I turn red with embarrassment and without a word as I lead us out of the room. I wonder, just how many Flyers fans got a pre-show? With a deviant smile across my face, I lead us back to our seats.

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