Furries, My Introduction.


A few furries at Furcon

I too long ago received a question on Formspring that simply said “What’s the deal with furries”.  I laughed when thinking 2 things.

1. I was waiting for this question.

2. This is going to take much more than one post for me.  So I’ve made it a series. Forgive me if I get link happy or wordy, but this is a fun adventure.

I met my first Furry in college before I had any clue about the community.  Before I knew what Second Life was or Furcadia (we’re all beginners at some point or another, right?) For me, I was on the BDSM sites, and nsfw Literotica at that point.  Role playing for me stopped in Rhy’din… how’s that for dating myself? “Pets” to me were humans in a slave role… no ears, no tails.  I bumped into one or two, but I’d shrug and move onto the next chat room… it just wasn’t what I was looking for.

Didn’t think it was this thriving? multiplying? hopping community.

She was cute I thought, Jnco jeans, little tops, ears, reddish brown hair in a pony tail and lots of cuddling…well… more of a nuzzle really.  I liked her, a lot. We became fast friends, she told me about Furries, and I told her about BDSM. She determined I was a Squirrel, I insisted I was a Kender and on the friendship went.  Yeah, we were those weirdos, but we loved it.

Anyway… College, especially where I went, was so free to be themselves (aka hippy college) I don’t think it was a big deal for her to “come out” (to me, anyway).  Plus, my curiosity always took over, question after question –

She’d tilt her head to the side while listening, playfully laugh, pet my head, and explain. I never saw it as a negative; it explained a lot about her mannerisms and how she interacted with people, especially after she told me her Fursona.  After that, it was difficult for me to separate the “two of her”.

It all clicked for me. Till I had another question.  When, THAT episode of CSI aired and she hung her head when I turned up at her den with a new slew of questions (the rest of the people who she was their first furry too already bombarded her). I asked what the hell that was all about, and she sorta gave me a sad growl about how that isn’t how ALL furries are. I expected so (I just wanted to know the terms etc), but she felt the blow to her community as I do when another asshole dies from auto-erotic asphyxiation and gives what I’m into a bad name.

I met other furs in college, but not after. Makes me a little sad, I miss that special affection and bond.  “My” community was looked at as sickos who liked to beat women, and “hers” was thought to be a bunch of bestiality lovers. But college and online, we were free from that.  We were able to be ourselves in public and feel safe.

Fortunately, I’m a xxx clerk, and a public face for xxx… her? Stuck in a cubicle prison and in hiding again.  She isn’t an avian/featherie, but her wings were certainly clipped again. I’d hate to be in that sort of cage.

This series is about what I’ve learned/collected about Furries as a person who “must know it all”, If you have any questions, ask.  I in no way am claiming that I’m an expert or a furry, if you see any mistakes, tell me.

Note: I’m not using words like Den, and Cage to be punny, I’m just helping you step into a different culture. I’ve a “When in Rome” mentality when I look at subcultures, so I use the vernacular.

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  • http://www.swingersattic.com/ Miranda

    I only started even hearing about the furry thing this last year or two. I’m guessing tons of people (like myself) would love to be educated a bit on the subject.

    • http://twitter.com/SexpertJaneBlow @SexpertJaneBlow

      Feel free to ask me to go into something deeper if need be, or ask any q's you have…or make corrections if you know something I quite didn't, it really is a huge topic! thanks for the comment!