Splish, Splash, Waterbation!

I’m fascinated with peoples’ “first” stories.  The first erection, early exploration, evolution of masturbation, wet dreams… “games” we played as kids that involved being naked and remembering the VERY moment it was put into our minds that there was something “wrong” about it.

Early memories are pure, a special time of self exploration, and often very similar but aren’t widely discussed because “sex is dirty” and are most treasured. (Hell, I thought I INVENTED masturbation and didn’t tell ANYONE …till Jr. High). Following closely behind many “first” recollections is shame from parents who bust in on the moment and freak out.  Very uncool in my opinion.  Masturbation is safe and beneficial in multiple ways and shouldn’t be shunned EVER.  I’m not going to get all Freud on your asses, but some of your ideas about masturbation being “wrong” or “dirty” are because of your parents (and religion)… and your parents were wrong to do that to you.  But this is getting to be a whole other post… oops. /tangent.

Men have “outtie” genitals, usually a light rub or sweep of smooth boxers/sheets is enough to pop a notice memorable woody.  Masturbation starts younger for males because of this obvious fact.


Women on the other hand don’t discover masturbation as quickly.  One unifying factor I’ve come across after having copious “first” conversations is that running water was common for women.

Of course there were vibrating pens or toothbrush handles, soft stuffed animals to rub against, mom/dad’s massager, various vegetables and humping couch arms to name a few pervertables to vary up the data… running water was by far the leading catalyst.

Waterbation [Waw-ter-bey-shun] noun - the act of touching oneself in the shower via water stimulation for the purpose of orgasm.

shower enclosure with door and shelves

If you haven’t tried waterbation yet, I highly suggest you do.  Shower time is already a private, clean, warm, self care time of your day. Thinking about these facts could free you of some shame “sex is dirty” thinking.

Set the mood with candles, or low light to change the sterile clean ambiance of the porcelain bathroom.  Set a desired water temperature and don’t forget your genitals are far more sensitive than the rest of your body.  Waterbation works best with a detachable shower-head but scooting your butt under the faucet with your head resting on something to keep it out of the water is another technique. Don’t forget water jets in jacuzzis.

Allow the water to run all over your body slowly, pick different settings on the shower-head to let it kiss, tickle, or caress your body with warmth… think sensual thoughts, guide the water between your legs, and let yourself go.

The sex industry has put out a few sponges that vibrate, and a company called Sex in the Shower has some tools to make shower sex better.  Guys, if you have strokers, most of them are shower safe, best part for you guys is that the water re-awakens the lube so it’ll never get sticky on you. Fleshlight came out with a shower mount for their masturbators.


I remember being very young and taking very long showers and sometimes moaning. I guess my mom figured it out because I would be in there till the water was Chilly Willy.  I never got a speech, or “the talk”, in a traditional sense but she did ask me to not use up the all the hot water with a smile on her face and be careful because the bathroom echoed.  I’ve never thought to ask her if she “caught me” till now, when she gave me the advice I figured she approved and implied that the rest of the family doesn’t need to know.

The next time someone tells you that you need a cold shower, follow these directions!

Do you waterbate? Do you remember an early masturbation/first story and feel like sharing?

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<3 Jane

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  • BigMeanie

    The water jets in a hot tub (spa) are amazing! Of course, a guy can gum up the filter pretty quickly if he's not careful.

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    u went for it…FUCK NSFW! OH SHIT MY BOSS!