Jane Says: Never Say Never

A question on my formspring account got me thinking. I was going to write about something special you can do to your guy after sex that he’ll appreciate, but I’ve scratched that for now. (Sorry guys.)

The beautiful and talented MYVAG asked me:

Name 3 things you’d never do and why… sexual or nonsexual / not typically sexual etc…

Which I took to mean – Name 3 things in the sexual realm of sex or fetish that I’d never do.

The first few things that came to mind, are the usual “no scat, no vomit, no children, dead people etc…” the usual suspect line up of paraphilia - but that answer is boring.  SO, I dug deeper and my brain started working. After I got over my “Never have I ever” flashbacks of college drinking games I came up with these:

I’d never stomp on someone’s balls – I’m just not into it, so even to be paid – I’d likely never do it.

I’d never be tickle tortured – it is a hard limit. Period. The thought of it makes me want to vomit; couldn’t pay me enough.

I’d never … um… (I hate this game, I always drink at this point. haha) I’d never… at this point, be branded or cut for the sake of being branded or cut as play.

If she would have asked me that very question 8+ years ago the list would look a little different.  Anal sex would have been on the list – I was vehemently against anal.  I was very wary about edge play back then too, being choked was barely a thought and I didn’t know submissives were actually branded in this day with their Master’s mark.

When you have my kind of sexual curiosity, you eventually get into things or master certain others after you understand them more.  I went from NU-UH Anal, to now thinking it is divine with the right techniques.  Thinking I’d pass out immediately and die if someone put their hands around my neck – to getting wet just thinking about it.

Moral of the story?

Never say never.

I picked my current “nevers” based on beliefs I have now.  Stampeding or Stomping or Ball Popping or Trampling… goes by many names… and although the pictures are interesting, I know I couldn’t get into that play (so far) because it doesn’t DO anything for me.  Even if I got paid, the person wouldn’t “feel” the right vibes from me and it would ruin the play altogether.

As far as cutting goes, I don’t think I’d do it for anyone but me.  If I want to modify my body, awesome.  I’m just not THAT dedicated to a single person to do it for any casual play at this point in my life.

All of you out there swearing off blow jobs make me laugh a little.  Not a “I’m judging you” laugh, more of a “oh really? we’ll see” laugh.  I’ve shocked MYSELF dozens of times already because curiosity got the best of me.  I’m not saying run out and find a fetish circus, but give _______ a chance.  You really never know if you’ll hate something until you’ve tried it once (let alone thrice).

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