Jane Says: Take A2M Precautions

I don’t know about you, but when my parents told me not to do ________, it became even more tempting to do.  This is how I think other people see A2M.

“Thank you” porno for introducing the masses to A2M, as in Ass to Mouth. Or ATOM, as in Ass to Other Mouth (when there is a third person around).  This practice likely started as a raunchy fantasy where the anal receiver was just so ‘dirty’ they’d even suck on something that was IN their ass.

Porn has a way of making every raunchy fantasy come true.  We didn’t stop at just simply watching people have sex.  Soon there was a demand for interracial, and group sex, gangbangs, lesbians… anal… ass to mouth… forget condoms… and much more.  Having “porn sex” is something people seek and brag about now-a-day.

Personally, I don’t know many (any?) people who would A2M, (please out yourself somehow, we need to chat!).  It is a “dirty” practice, and precautions should be taken.  I know in porno they do enemas and clean themselves before doing an anal scene to get rid of fecal matter.  But, that doesn’t exactly wash away the other “risks”.

Without getting all “after school special” on you, here is a list of things that COULD potentially happen if you practice A2M:

<Insert Human Centipede Joke Here>

If you or your partner is infected with any STD or STIs you can contract  herpes, chlamydia, HIV, Hepatitis, or  Gonorrhea.  Since anal sex happened prior to A2M, if there was any taring causing the colon to bleed which helps the passing of STD/STIs.  But we know all about contracting STD STIs because we listened during Sex Ed.  Right?  You can also contract Intestinal Parasites, E. Coli, and Salmonella because we are dealing with the colon here – it is the end of the road and not meant to be ingested.

If you’re going to do it, take precautions and have fun.

Use condoms (roll it off before you suck on the object that was in your ass), dental damns (for analingus), Female Condoms (for penetration), use a body safe flavored lube, and clean up properly prior to anal sex.  You can’t wash diseases away with an enema, but it’ll help get rid of other nasties.  Use mouthwash, brush your teeth… you get the point.

A2M  isn’t the BEST idea even though you see it all the time in porno.  Remember, Porn Lies.

Side Note: Ass to Mouth is on Wikipedia! What? lol

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  • danceswithprozac

    So the risk is just eating ass to begin with right? There's not like an increased risk for kissing after rimming is there?

    • http://twitter.com/SexpertJaneBlow @SexpertJaneBlow

      then you're going from ass to mouth to mouth. With ass 'eating' and 'rimming' – you can get a stomach ache and pink eye at the worst. Once you rip open tissue, lick infected fecal matter, and have STDs etc… then the danger begins.