Review: ON Natural Oil For Her by Sensuva

ON just hit markets a few weeks ago and I’ve had the privilege to get a sample bottle directly from the awesome J.W at Sensuva who happened to be traveling with the even awesomer G.W from The S.T.O.R.E Program.

When I ordered the arousal oil, I immedately read the package.  They boast no parabens, no harsh preservatives, no L-Arginine, no menthols, no perfumes, no added flavors just for flavor’s sake.

Other than Sliquid’s Organic O Gel, there aren’t many arousal agents that can function and be so pure; this ON seems to be it’s competition.  Sliquid does use Menthol & Peppermint Oil though, which means it will end up having a cooling effect.

ON contains Sweet Almond Oil, Cinnamonum Cassia, Vitamin E, Rosemary Extract and Phenoxyethanol, and Ethylehxyglycerin.

So, with further investigation, Sensuva is being a little sneaky – no “parabens” but they used replacements that are being used in the skin care market – thanks for your consideration with your oil and our vaginas?  Also, upon looking at ingredients; the Cinn. Cassia? Thats the stuff that makes the warming/burning sensation in the more “natural” lubes, lotions, and chewing gum.

J.W had me place two drops on my finger, and then rub it on my tongue.  I know this routine, I do this at toy parties when the ladies are too shy to take some pre-measured sample pack to the bathroom to test it out.  Tingle creams on the lip, vibes touched to the ear or nose for a more proper comparison than holding it in your hand.

As I was rubbing it in, he tells me they tell people (usually men) that it feels like a weak 9volt battery being tested on your tongue.  I admit, I couldn’t hold back my “WTF” face.  I’ve spent time as a guitarist’s girlfriend, I’ve touched a 9volt to my tongue, it isn’t a pleasant sensation.

After the active ingredients kicked in, I understood what he was talking about.  It was like Pop Rocks without the rocks along with a warming sensation, plus it sorta tasted like I bit into a rosemary sprig.  Ok, fine, I’ll take it home to see how my vagina likes it…

I’m a sucker for SOME of these lotions.  There, I said it.

I’ve tried Orgasmix, Cleopatra’s Secret, Nympho’s Desire, Sliquid’s Organic O Gel, Flower Balm… I’ve even rubbed Nipple Nibblers on myself.  They all have their share of “bad stuff” in them – but its not like I use them every day, in large amounts etc etc etc.  I think we should stop being picky about the same questionable ingredients in our shampoos and foods since we use those more often. If you want total and completely natural, hump some peeled ginger root.

Plus, sometimes, not all of the time, but SOMETIMES the natural alternative isn’t as good as a synthetic – didja know Apple Seeds contain Arsenic?  And the process to make flax seed oil isn’t as natural as pressing a bunch of olives?  “Natural” and “Organic” come with their own baggage.

Plus, using oils?  I know they’re natural, but what about all of those paranoid people who don’t want to break condoms or ruin their toys, or are allergic to nut oils?  We can’t win.

Alright, so, where was I ? Oh, right, my vagina.

The ON oil felt good.  My preference is to the arousal lotions to get cold instead of warm, but I liked this one.  It felt super tingly but not like the usual lotions do… it was different… and not like licking a 9volt… but it was pretty intense.  The sensation surged a little through my body too; I think I’ll keep this one in my “top drawer”.  My coworker used it too, and it was far more intense for her – even her face got blushed.  After we both used it, our store display was quickly emptied and I’ve reordered more already.

It lasted the usual 20-25 minutes when I used the application directions of One to Two drops.  I rubbed it on when I wasn’t clit hard aroused for one session.  Which definitely made me more aware of my clit and labia, then I used a few toys (Hummer, Njoy Plug Medium, SaSi, and my Hitachi as the oil wore off)   Then I reapplied once I was worked up in another masturbation session (using just my fingers, old school, I know).  I’ve rubbed it on at work a couple of times when I was wearing a junky pair of panties with my Smartballs in; it is an oil after all.

This bottle can be easily lost if you don’t have a lotion bag or drawer; its about the length of my thumb when out of the box.  The suggested retail is $24, and you get “over 50 applications”… that is a huge leap from the usual $8-$15 dollars.

I enjoyed this “party in the pants” bottle, as I like to call all of them… but then again… I got it for free.

It looks good as a display, but you can’t just buy a few pieces for your store, they get lost in the shuffle.

I’m going to the ECN warehouse show this weekend, maybe I can score a few samples to give away to the first x# blogger peer comments.

EDIT: I’m currently giving away a few bottles to any sex review/bloggers who want to try some, supply is limited.  All you have to do is tweet that you’re participating and send your addy so you get the bottle!  Treat it like any other free product in exchange for an honest review.

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  • bibi

    hi how do we get a free sample ,i saw it on amazon and i would like to try it too