Review: Sinclair Institute Select Crystal G

I love glass. Love love love glass.  Choosing between my glass pieces makes my pussy wet, and it makes me anxious.  I hate choosing, and have to block off hours if I’m in a glass mood because I like to switch them; cold, hot, bumpy smooth… ugh I love it.  And I love love love that the Sinclair Institute has a couple of pieces in their line.

This glass happens to be etched, which makes me a little nervous; I wish they would have just added a simple color swirl inside of the glass.  As you can see it has a curve “bloop” end and a smooth end too, and formed in a “C” shape to really help women reach their G Spots.  I know where mine is, I’m waging war on my G Spot if you can’t tell.

Upon opening my big box of goodies from Topco, I saw the Sinclair Institute name on a few of packages but I couldn’t tell what was in them.  My interest was perked because *I* know the name, but your average Jane doesn’t.  Strike 1 goes to packaging.  In my store, things in boxes with windows that aren’t big enough to see the whole toy just do not sell.  Toy snobs are curious enough to poke at them – but the average person doesn’t like the mystery box.  I sincerely hope they change it.

Box aside (and tossed aside), I found the Crystal G to be an interesting piece of glass.The double sided nature of the toy is interesting, I can tease myself with the thin end to help pinpoint my G Spot, and slip it around my vulva for some chilly glass rubbing but I preferred the thicker bulby end.  I make really short rubbing thrusts with this toy because I don’t find it comfortable to really fuck myself with curved toys.  I also swish them side to side over my G Spot to tease the area.

I tried to switch it around for some AFE attention but it did not quite work out.  I need a less bent toy to do that with.

The Crystal G isn’t as heavy as some of my other glass pieces are which makes long battles against my G Spot easy, but I feel if it was a little bigger it would help me.  I again got SUPER close to a solo G Spot orgasm while holding my Laya Spot to my clit and slide/rocking the glass in and out of me but alas, no squirting.  My clit was so hard, and hot, it was nearly unbearable (thankfully I like the pain).  It did make me super wet though, and I did have orgasms with it… many orgasms.  The Laya Spot’s body contour shape really helped get under the curve of the glass – and when they touch the vibes shot right through the glass – I loved every second of it.

After working with this toy for over 2 weeks I can tell you it is quite fun to play with, although slightly frustrating for me personally.  I’ll get there, I will.  My last session with the Crystal G was kind of crazy, I curved it into my G Spot a bit harder than I was doing it previously and I felt that pressure that comes with a burst squirt but it just wouldn’t happen.  Spasms, check.  Toe cramps, check.  Pressure, check.  Strong orgasms, check… it kills me that I’m RIGHT THERE.

There is just something so sexy about the smoothness of

I haven’t let my guy use this one on me yet, but again, I have a funny feeling (edit to come) that I’ll have that gushy orgasm when the responsibility isn’t in my hands.

Conclusion: Buy it if you love glass, the toy takes a little bit to get used to if you’re a beginner with curved toys (I am not) and ignore the packaging – NOT the toy.

Rating: + + + + -

With only 1 strike for packaging, and maybe a half strike for the etching, the Crystal G still gets a great rating from me.

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