Sexlopedia: Ball Coozie

A fellow pervert and friend of mine recently took a sexcation and brought me back a soviouneer!

He relayed a story from the MILF he was having sex with, and something she over heard her son doing with his girlfriend called a “Ball Coozie”.  They had looked it up, and asked around because she was nervous and curious on what it could be.  Was it an innocent sexual game, a sweater for his balls, something dangerous, a new code word for drugs?

Actually, by definition it is when a guy puts his balls in some warm milk and a the other person puts a straw in the cup to blow bubbles around his balls.  The version they found was to do it in the bathtub or pool.

I guess blowing the bubbles in milk make the bubbles stronger and stay more intact than water bubbles.  Also, the choice of a cup as a container rather than an entire bathtub means the bubbles stay in place rather then escape.  Nice touch with warming up the milk, I can imagine cold fluids would NOT help.

I haven’t tried this one, have you?  Tell me about it!

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