Sexlopedia: MVP

To many of us, MVP is a commonly used term in the sports world.

Sorry to disappoint you, but this isnt a Sports Expert site, therefore we are here to provide you with the pervy definition for MVP.

*Please note that both have very similar meaning.In our world the term MVP stands for Magic Vagina Power.

Ever know a woman who could be a bitch to a man, and despite all of her attempts to rid herself of him he sticks around? Follows her around like a lost little puppy. Would destroy his own world just to be in hers?

How about the incredibly wealthy, attractive, successful, smart, funny, (NON-EXISTENT) man who insists on dating some sub par beast from another realm when he could clearly have his pick of amazingness.

I used to attribute this to the stupidity of man, however in the past few years I’ve come to understand that perhaps this has nothing at all to do with the man in the equation. Its all about the MVP.

To those women who have it, I congratulate you, and to those who do not, unfortunately it is not  something that can be attained.

Therefore a woman’s MVP is most definitely her MVP!


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