Sexlopedia: Shower Slugs


For those of you who don’t know, when male ejaculate touches water, it turns into glue.  Therefore if you jerk off in the shower, and it hits the tile or side of the tub instead of being washed away… it’ll congeal and create… a Shower Slug.

Special thanks to a new friend for this one.  I knew about the water + come = glue, I didn’t know there was a nifty term for it!

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  • Ta2dfink0331

    good luck trying to get those things out. You’ll need something to the extent of steel-wool and bleach. And forget about if you have one of those shower mat things. Cut your loses and buy a new one. No one wants to have the conversation of “why are you drying out your shower mat?”, “Just trying to clean the ejaculate off”…