Spotlight: Jack Lawrence

Honestly, I know we tend to reserve the Spotlight posts for the female porn stars, BUT SCREW IT!!! This man gets me all kinds of riled up!!

Jack Lawrence, ohhhhhhh boy!  Where do I even begin with this gorgeous display of manhood? (Well besides the fact that his wikipedia page should be updated hardcore, seriously I know more about this guy!)  Ever since I watched the wonderful Jack in Chemistry he stole my heart and had me racing to get home to relieve the ton of tension he put in me.

The thing about Jack Lawrence unlike most male adult film stars is that he LOVES to eat out a girl AND he does it right.  Most guys just give off the look of Scooby Doo trying to get to the center of a Tootsie pop.  This ex-cop (another reason I adore him) shows balls to the walls commitment for his job.  Seriously though, in a shoot for “America Loves Bush” Mr. Lawrence wore a George W mask that encased his whole head, the bad thing here is that the breathing holes were pretty small.  So during a scene in which Jack is going heavy and hard doggy style he actually managed to pass out!  Good thing he was with a true professional and life saver cause the beautiful Penny Flame continued to go to town while he was passed out on the bed.

Jack is also known for being the master of porn parodies!  Here is a picture where he played Dr. Cox in “Scrubs: A XXX Parody“!  He’s also been in a parody of Gilligan’s Island, Reno 911 and most recently started shooting on a Hustler parody of “Cops”.  How do I know this? I stalk his twitter page and you should too!  He’s down to earth, knows how to fuck, hot as all hell, big fan of posting pictures on his twitter page and he loves to go down on girls.

For about 90% of the men who’s faces I have sat on please go rent Chemistry and take some notes.  It’s a favor he has done all of mankind to show you his beautiful talented tongue.  That’s the best tip I can offer men today on learning how to please a woman.  Now I’m off to go masturbate to Jack Lawrence for about the 15th time today.

Editor’s Note: OMG JACK!! SO HOT.  He loves to work on his cars, do random solo shows on his site, and is very interactive with his fans too.  <3


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