Spotlight: Rachel Starr

Welcome to the After Dark Spotlight- All links are NSFW

Rachel Starr is a sexy brunette from Texas with a beautiful butt, killer bj skills and doesn’t mind talking dirty.  Rachel Starr also tweets which is pretty cool.  She enjoys reading (lately about Buddhism), she wants to learn Spanish, likes bondage and seems to give up a great picture every day of herself.

I really enjoy the access I have to my business through twitter honestly, plus it is fast and fun.  I mean, who has time for more than 140 characters?  She also has a MySpace, but um, who still uses MySpace?  I also found this nifty fan site for her too, and then of course is the mass of pics people find on freeones. Rachel isn’t one of those crazy girl porn stars in film, as far as I can tell she hasn’t even done anal on film!

I know all this “free stuff” is technically stealing from the xxx industry, but, fans like to sample before they buy.  I don’t frown upon it oh so much.  If you enjoy what you can find on your favorite stars online, get their swag and show them how much you really love them!  Rachel has done some work for Brazzers, once you sign up for their site – you get access too a few others.

Practice safe sex, get a VOD account!

I know, I know… show you more….

Using for guidelines … Whore Score ™ : 76

+1 Total Movies =82

+1 Movies Directed = 0

+3 Double Anal = 0

+2 Anal = 0

+3 Double Penetration = 0

+3 Gang Bang = o

-2 Lez Only = 4

+2 CreamPie = 1

+3 Squirt = 1

+7 Fisting = 0

-1 NonSex = 0

+1 Interratial = 0

+1 Ass to Mouth = 0

+3 Double Pussy Penetration = 0

-1 Masturbate Only = 3

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