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Jane Says: America Refuses to Look in the Mirror

I don’t know if you Dancing with the Stars fans are aware of -the chopped to shit and then cut altogether- advertisement that was for Lane Bryant’s plus size lingerie that was supposed to air the other night… but believe it or not, it happened.

Yep, ABC reportedly wouldn’t show it because there was too much “cleavage”.  CLEAVAGE.  The same station that puts out the shows Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, Wife Swap and runs Victora Secret’s, McDonalds, the latest “get thin” pill advertisements is saying “too much” cleavage.

So it is ok to pump us images of Big Macs and Eva Langoria in her panties but a plus size model is just TOO MUCH for America… the fattest nation in the world.

I am sick and tired of these waif models in Cosmo or Vogue magazine telling (showing) me what the ONLY model of beauty is. On the other side of the coin I’m not sticking up for Fat America either.  I applaud companies who use real looking people for their commercials at least they are trying to keep it real.  I also applaud better living advocates like Jamie Oliver (coincidentally another show on the ABC network).

Airing a Victora’s Secret commercial back to back with our youth stuffing their faces with a McDonalds.

Airing Dove commercials with all body shapes and ethnics and then showing Axe commercials with the “thin, hipster, emo, club girl” body image (both made by the same company!)


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