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Splish, Splash, Waterbation!

I’m fascinated with peoples’ “first” stories.  The first erection, early exploration, evolution of masturbation, wet dreams… “games” we played as kids that involved being naked and remembering the VERY moment it was put into our minds that there was something “wrong” about it.

Early memories are pure, a special time of self exploration, and often very similar but aren’t widely discussed because “sex is dirty” and are most treasured. (Hell, I thought I INVENTED masturbation and didn’t tell ANYONE …till Jr. High). Following closely behind many “first” recollections is shame from parents who bust in on the moment and freak out.  Very uncool in my opinion.  Masturbation is safe and beneficial in multiple ways and shouldn’t be shunned EVER.  I’m not going to get all Freud on your asses, but some of your ideas about masturbation being “wrong” or “dirty” are because of your parents (and religion)… and your parents were wrong to do that to you.  But this is getting to be a whole other post… oops. /tangent.

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