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Sexlopedia: Dick Daze

I was recently chatting with my friend Dave and he mentioned yet another term I didnt understand. The conversation went something like this: ” …blah blah blah and I told him, shes in a dick daze blah blah blah…” I gathered from the rest of the conversation that this was some sort of effect the man had on the woman after they had sex. Then it dawned on me, this is the male equivalent of MVP. I am all for equal opportunity, so if I know of a term for one sex, I try to find the equivalent for the other. Well boys and girls, here ya go!

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FACT! Sharks Give It 200%

Sharks have 2 penises or “claspers”.  Claspers are modified inner edges of the pelvic fins of male sharks and rays….claspers contain cartilaginous hooks and spurs that “clasp” into the walls of the female oviduct, anchoring the clasper.


DP…….and you can’t get away!