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Momentum: Interview with Brian Gross “The Porn Publicist”.

At the Momentum Conference, I had a difficult time picking which sessions to sit in on. Do I go and sit in on Audiacia Ray or Charlie Glickman? Do I sit in with DangerousLilly or Maggie Mayhem? Hear a trailblazer speak on topics I’m familiar with to see what they’re saying or take sessions that will help me grow? What about workshops FOR workshops? A little Inception-y, I know. One of the sessions I sat in on was called “Sex and the Media: Who Wins?” I’m looking to break into other media and become a public face, I understand hardships the adult industry has with media… so I gave this one a shot.

The speaker’s name is Brian Gross and he is often pigeon-holed as The Porn Publicist. He has worked with Def American Recordings and Warner Brothers Records before he took “the plunge into adult” with Vivid’s Steven Hersh (politely name dropping clients such as Lars Ulrich and Gene Simmons to James Deen, Jenna Haze and Sasha Grey).

He said many things concerning the love/hate relationship between the adult industry and media (radio, tv, internet and print) while weaving on and off topic shared his facts and views through client relationships on how the media loves to use sexuality to sell publications/bring ratings – but at what cost? Of course this sparked a few questions to which I hoped Brian would have the time for an interview – and he did!

After a few txts on where and when, we decided on a late night chat over a drink (he Jameson, I Jack- of course) and this is how it went down. Forgive me for getting link happy, we zipped past some names because we know the industry’s characters so I linked for those of you who don’t know who we’re talking about.

Jane Blow: We know media won’t paint an accurate picture for the adult film industry – but for the select sex educators it welcomes (Laura Berman on Oprah for example)- Who have you found to be the most “oh no way, not at all” on a higher level but on a lower level sneak you in the back? As we know that larger companies own smaller ones we may not be familiar with.

Brian Gross: I don’t have much of this specific experience and I’ll tell you why. Producers don’t have that much time to be that all ‘over the place’ for lack of a better term. An example- the producer from Entertainment Tonight will say “I want to do a story on this actor or this actress, can we make it happen?” It’s a yes or no. Same with ABC Nightline. When specific television programs with an interest in sexuality say “We want to do this…” it opens up the negotiation. There are certain topics certainly that are a little more taboo which are harder to get an outlet to promote unless they’re broken through the news. Then they become a news story. It’s really difficult because there is a differentiation between what is a breaking news story and what we are trying to plan as a topic of conversation, as an editorial.

Every major television outlet, whether is cable news or ABC, NBC etc they’ve all covered some kind of sexuality in some way. So, if it fits, and it works, and its news worthy, then they’ll do something.


JB: Speaking of Niteline since it’s one of the recent things I know about because of the James Deen interview- Did Nightline contact you or your people because of this Tumblr phenomenon or how exactly did that happen?

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Review: Zara by Vida Internationale / Topco Sales

Special thanks to Topco for sending me the Zara from Vida!

This sleek toy came to me by surprise, Topco had asked me to make a list of stuff I was interested in and they forwarded me this toy while I waited for my goodies.  I opened the unsuspecting brown box to find a cute faux leather carrying case with “Vida” imprinted on the front.  Curiousity unzipped the case to reveal to me a 7″ black and pink, Zara vibe hidden inside that seemed to be made of metal and ultra hygenic silicone.

My first thoughts were to grab some batteries, but further inspection of my surprise package revealed that it was rechargeable.  I crossed my fingers, closed my eyes, and held down the single button controller to see if it was charged in the package… AND IT WAS!  I love when that happens.

It buzzed to life in my fingers, a buzzy treble like vibe – not a rumbly bass’y vibe.  Kinda like Lelo’s Nea, hm.  I clicked the button again to see if it had another speed and I’m pleased to report back that the Zara has 5 distinguishable speeds.

My exploritory examination over with, I shut my new Zara off, placed it back in the case… opened the manual and watched the clock.

“Zara caresses your internal erogenous area with a concentration you’ve never experienced before.  Focused entirely on G-Spot stimulation, waterproof Zara satisfies your lust for the pleasures of this previously abstruse spot.”

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Spotlight: Sasha Grey

Welcome to Jane Blow After Dark, Links are NSFW, Happy Fapping!

Sasha is a force that cannot be denied.  She joined the xxx industry with a firm head on her shoulders, and goals in mind.  Ms. Grey takes an “all or nothing” approach to all she does, which definitely includes porno.  Her first flick was Fashionistas Safado, and she costarred with the famed Rocco Siffredi. She made fast friends with the cast and especially Belladonna.  Now she has over 200 movies under her belt (?) including stepping into mainstream, an ad for PETA , and onto Entourage as well.  DESPITE what happened on the Tyra Banks show (is it so unbelievable that people LIKE porn?) oo look, “how to” vids made by SG herself! Oh, and she tweets.

Belladonna waited until now to release a movie aptly named Fuck Sasha Grey (plus a bunch of other titles) for this very moment in time (media flourish and all) and from the little I’ve watched of the never before released scenes; all I can say is a very impressed “wow”.  Sasha Grey makes writing a spotlight easy because she is so naturally raw;I look forward to seeing what else she will do in her career.  Her Whore Score is low (387), but remember she is just a “baby” and is playing her cards smart.

If you like Belladonna, Evil Angel, and the rougher side of porn… if you love watching a star who knows how to handle a cock and command the scene… and you haven’t watched Sasha… you should.

Here she is in an interview on G4 talking about starring on Entourage.

PS. Sasha, if you’re reading along, please stay natural!!  You’ve got the cutest body, I’d die happy if I could bite your butt… and your beautiful long dark hair… I <3 you in the worst fangirl way!

More nsfw pics :plugs in her custom Hitachi wand:  see ya later folks…

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The Current State of Social Porn

Special thanks to @AugieMania and The World’s Best Ever for this chart illustrating the Current State of Social Porn.

Before you look at the chart, I need to explain a couple things…

Alexa Rating: This in simple terms is the Internet’s popularity contest.  This chart gives you the example that Google’s Alexa rating is #1.  So the lower the number the more popular, most used, most looked at the site is.

Unique Viewer: This doesn’t mean the viewer is someone famous, it just means that the person has never been to the site before EVER.  So if this post is your first ever visit to my website – you gave me a unique viewer hit :) (thanx!)

If you remember back to when I posted the List of Free Porn post, I ranked them randomly

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Is Riley Steele the New Sasha Grey?

Are you kidding me GQ? One is a blonde, the other is Brunette!

Sasha is her own entity, the only things they have in common are that they are porn stars, they’re hot as hell, and that they went mainstream. PLUS, there have been SO MANY OTHER porn stars have gone mainstream besides Jenna Jameson and Ron Jeremy… way to go for SEO.  You could have referenced such great “guy” movies like Boondock Saints or Boogie Nights or even Blade!!

If you wanted to be smart, before you said “so few have crossed over”, and too really kick the porn fans in the lube, you should have said Traci Lords and Scott Schwartz. But no, you said Sasha because she is the hot ‘new’ starlet and is going to be on Entourage, I bet your readers <3 that show!

You could have really dug deep and looked up other porn stars who were in mainstream films… but alas, you kept it fresh.

For Riley and Digital Playground’s sake, I really hope Piranah 3d turns out to be a good film. :)

Wanna see a clip from the movie? Clickity

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TIME TO PLAY F**K – MARRY – KILL: Porn Stars pt Deux

Rules:  Fuck one, Marry one, and Kill the third.  Got it?

My life is so full of porn porn porn, it is so awesome.  It is really easy for me to just keep listing porn stars for you but I have to keep it mixed up because porn gets boring after a while (for me anyway).  But since the AVN Awards, and all the new year releases, I’ve gotten “stuck” watching alot of porn for work… oh noes!  Here are a few stars that made my job easier.

Links are  v e r y  NSFW! Special thanks to PornHub!

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Forget The Golden Globes; The AVN Awards is what I care about!

Its that time of year again!! THE PORN AWARDS!!

@AVNawards is on twitter watching people who RT their posts and all the hashtags coming in for #AVNawards, they want to give a special twitter-er (tweep?) a pass to the red carpet/events to be on their Twitter team.  I believe it is every guy’s wet dream to be there BUT if *I* went it would be covered properly, and, well, I totally *deserve* to go for all my hard work at @Nitecapvideo and my loyalty to you readers @DAPSwebsite!

After all, I did cover @Exxxotica NY for you, and shared my evenings with @NinaLand, PLUS I took you out to the big ECN/IVD 25th Anniversary Dinner.  Hell, I even did a special FMK for it! The AVNs would complete the year!


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Digital Playground is an amazing company, the women are always hot and ALWAYS DTF!

Links go to the (aka the of porno) info pages, might be NSFW

Jesse Jane, Jana Cova, Stoya, Riley Steele, Katsuni, Alektra Blue, Audrey Bitoni, Sasha Grey, Jenna Haze, Teagan Presley oh and Tera Patrick (*ahem* to name a few) make their home at DP.  They recently released the famed Pirates and it’s sequal Stagnetti’s Revenge.  Under DP’s belt are also great flixxx like Island Fever, Control, Nurses, Stoya Heat and the whole Jack’s Playground series.

Any of this ringing your bell yet? No?

I hope you’re ready to see Riley Steel go a round with WAR MACHINE!


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