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Most Guys Don’t Like Anal

You want what you can’t have, until you have it: ANAL

That’s right, most guys aren’t really into anal.  It’s all about the thrill of the chase, the forbidden fruit, the greener grass, etc.  The majority of straight males you encounter talk about how they desperately want to penetrate a girl’s asshole.  “How can I get my girl to give up the ass?”  The thing is, once they get it, they’ve accomplished their goal and they move on.  Yes they’ve enjoyed it, it was tighter, it was dirtier, but they’re probably not that kinky to begin with and the appeal was the only attraction.

The ass: Not just a tighter vagina

The problem with this is, anal will most likely hurt a girl the first time.  She’s scared, she’s tense, she tightens up, which in turn makes it harder to get your penis in, which makes the whole experience more challenging.  So after this one uncomfortable encounter, the girl is left with a memory of a very unpleasant event.  The sad thing is, if you had the interest to try it a few more times, the girl would relax and most likely LOVE IT.  I said it, not like it, LOVE IT.  Anal can be immensely enjoyable for the female and can also lead to earth shattering orgasms.

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Postplay: Double Your Foreplay, Double Your Dirty Fun

Why does foreplay have to come only once a fuck?




1. The opposite of foreplay

2. The act of performing foreplay at the end of sex

3. The awesome act or acts of fellatio and/or cunnilingus performed on sweat and cum soaked genitals after an amazing sex session

I’m sure I’m not the only person who loves foreplay, sometimes even more than sex.  Well why do we always have to start with it and then commit to only intercourse from there out?  I say start, finish, hell throw some in the middle too if you can.  By using rational thought, IF cumming from a blow job feels unbelievable THEN…

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Don’t Put Your Balls Inside A Girl….It Hurts

Fellas, I know it might sound incredibly obvious or incredibly awesome but DO NOT try to put your balls inside a girl…..


Many years ago when I was young and adventurous, a friend sent me a 20 second porn clip. 

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Time To Play FMK: 30 Rock

Work can be such a production

It seems to me that “30 Rock” is NBC Thursday night’s underdog, which is crazy!  This show is a sitcom based on “Saturday Night Live” and how it’s put together.  With Tina Fey and Lorne Michaels behind it, you know it’s hilarious.  And as usual, with funny comes sexy.

I present this week’s FMK: 30 Rock

Women: Liz, Jenna, & Cerie

Men: Jack, Kenneth, & Tracy

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Time To Play FMK: Saturday Night Live Pt.1

Live from New York it’s…..

“Saturday Night Live” has been a staple part of our culture (especially New Yorkers) since the 1970’s.  One thing this show has always had is funny AND sexy people to enjoy every Saturday night.  Clearly this show has had countless hotties throughout it’s tenure but this edition is devoted to SNL’s most recent cast.

I present this week’s FMK: Saturday Night Live Pt.1

Women: Kristen Wiig, Abby Elliott, & Nasim Pedrad

Men: Bill Hader, Will Forte, & Andy Samberg

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Faggot Is A Bad Word

Do you know where “faggot” comes from?

Look, I’m not trying to be preachy or even remotely PC but I think certain things should be thought about before spoken.  I am all about making racist, sexist, & any other -ist jokes I can think of, when it’s in good fun.  I have an offensive sarcastic personality.

I do however think that calling someone a name that refers to their people being burned alive is a little over the line.  If you hate gay people & feel they’re all going to hell (I’m surprised you’ve read this far!), I’m not trying to change your mind, I don’t care what your tiny little brain thinks.  I’m talking to people who think this word is harmless and don’t realize how hurtful it can be, take a moment to think before you speak.

-The Silo

Time To Play FMK: Parks and Recreation

Come visit Pawnee!

“Parks and Recreation” is an NBC TV show in the style of “The Office”, the characters know they are being filmed.  It’s hilarious, middle-America, sarcastic fun.

I present this week’s FMK: Parks and Recreation

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Time To Play FMK: Community

Welcome to Greendale!

The reason I started watching NBC Thursday’s newest sitcom “Community” was because Joel Mchale is funny as fuck so I knew it would be a good show.  Now the ladies do love the skinny tie wearing host of “The Soup”, but it turns out they casted some smoking hot females as well.

I present this week’s FMK: Community

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Too Many Girls Suck At Blowing

Ladies, the first ingredient to an enjoyable blowjob is YOUR  ENJOYMENT!

If you’re not into it, we won’t be!

I’m not here to give moves and tips on how to give the perfect blowjob, what do I know?  I’ve never given one.  If you want tricks ask Jane or Barbie.  I’m here to tell you that technique aside, if the girl is truly into sucking that cock, the man’s gonna love it.  Nothing is more arousing than hearing your girl moaning louder than you while she’s got your dick in her mouth, THAT’S HOT!

Most guys have had sex with a girl that just laid there taking it like a plastic fuck doll.  But what about the girls that moan and tell you how good you’re giving it to her and how much she’s loving it?  These two types of girls for the most part are physically doing the same thing: laying there while the guy does all the work.  But the second type is engaging the guy emotionally and mentally which stimulates arousal and heightens the pleasure of the entire act.  Sex isn’t all about how big, how deep, how long, or how hard, and neither is giving a blowjob.

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You Must Be THIS Long To Ride

Fellas!  If you’re not big enough to fit into a Magnum…..DON”T USE ONE!

The story goes:

Joey is fooling around with Sally (kissing, rubbing, etc.) and the signal to escalate things is given, “do you have a condom?”.  Joey, with a big grin, pulls out that shiny golden wrapped MAGNUM condom and sees Sally’s eyes light up.  She lays back and waits for her prize.  After 5-10 minutes Joey ejaculates, pulls out, and realizes his penis is bare.  “Oh no! Where’s the condom?”.  That’s right, it is inside Sally.

Sally runs out of the room in a panic and performs what looks like “a little girl’s pee-pee dance” for Joey’s roommate.  Over and over she repeats “It’s stuck!  It’s stuck!”.  She runs into the bathroom, slams the door, and after a few minutes the sound of a tire deflating is heard.  She strolls out a much relieved girl.

Why did the condom get stuck inside her you ask?

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