Spotlight: Charley Chase

If I had to pick one word to describe Ms. Charley Chase, I’d pick “NUTS”.

I don’t know how many other stars I could say that for, but I’ve met quite a many, and had the chance to hang/party with quite a few… and she is nuts. Fantastically nuts.  I don’t know if it is a character she steps into, but she was fun from the first moment I met her – till after I was gone I’m sure.  She never said no to a picture, grabbed boobs, gave old men heart attacks and shoved faces between her ass cheeks with promises grandeur.  Charley delivers great scenes, and has a personality to match.  I mean, it was pretty chilly cruising around NYC on the boat, and she still insisted on trying to get naked (nearly getting us docked… at least twice).  Every time I turned around, she was off somewhere else causing deliciously topless, Jager drinking, havoc. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with her. [Here is her blog entry from that weekend, it explains everything.]

Besides all the toys and vendors I met, and being able to be in my element, she was my 3rd favorite part of the trip… maybe if we actually got to bone I’d push her to #1 lol.  I know she was the highlight to my ride’s day.  On the last day, I inevitably had to go home, so I made sure I got my samples, gifts, and signatures in a row before I said g’bye to everyone… it is a good thing (nsfw) I saved her for last ;)

I did my best to find sexy pictures of her, but she starts out in panties/bra and ends up naked by pic 3, my silly web-host wont let me post much more nudity than I have, so look her up on your own! Her breasts feel as amazing as they look by the way.

Her official Whore Score and NSFW pics to follow

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Spotlight: Audrey Bitoni

Audrey Bitoni has a special appeal to many of the people around me who know of her; she looks like a typical Staten Island girl.  Except when it comes to Audrey, and porno, this girl bares it all.  At least around here she has a “girl next door” look to her that many of the guys can appreciate. I don’t typically go for a girl who looks like her (first impressions are sadly the strongest sometimes), but when I watch her scenes, my opinion changes.  I haven’t met Audrey, so I can’t say anything off the record – but she seems like a nice gal.  Her implants are big, and she just upped them in the last year or so to DDs, for boob men – I know you’ll like her.

She thinks to move her hips for her own (and the guy’s) pleasure, her moaning is cute, talks dirty and she thinks to kiss a guy’s thighs during head or rub his balls while she is getting pounded.  It is the little things that help me appreciate this little cutie.

For her Whore Score and more NSFW pics you know what to do…

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Spotlight: Cytherea

Welcome to the After Dark Spotlight- All links are NSFW

Is squriting real? Yes. Yes, yes it is.

Do porn stars stage it? Yes. Yes, they do.

Do all women squirt like Cytherea? No, No they don’t.

Cytherea is a special kind of squirter who goes beyond the simple dripple or gush of wetness… I’ve seen this woman hit ceiling fans and people standing clear across the room. I’ve seen Cytherea instruct other women how to squirt; so no, she isn’t some bullshit stage girl.  She, and a few other porn stars really brought the female ejaculation “phenonemon” to a new light.  Cytherea is quite a star to watch as well, I’ve seen other porn stars do scenes with her hot little body for the first time and literally have this shocked/amazed look on their faces.  If you don’t believe me, you can watch for yourself.  Cytherea has an entire line of movies called Squirt Woman, and I highly recommend you buy one!

Before porno many women thought there was something freakishly wrong with them and were ashamed of this bed wetting orgasm.  They would stop themsleves from having their bed breaking orgasms because they thought they had peed the bed.

It isn’t pee.  At least not when you do it (remember, a lot of porn lies people), but Cytherea doesn’t.

For the breakdown of her Whore Score :696, and more pics of the lovely Cytherea (sometimes Cytheria) clicky—->

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Spotlight: Faye Reagan

Welcome to the After Dark Spotlight- All links are NSFW

Sweet Faye Reagan, I wish more ginger cuties like her did porn. Faye Reagan (aka Faye Valentine, Faye Regan or Fay Reagan) makes porn look natural, she kept her hair color and didn’t get fake tits and her moans are really cute. I just found a video of Faye Reagan being “walked in on” after she signs up to be the next big thing.  Clearly scripted and planned out, but she goes with it, but she doesn’t play up the porn star and goes with the flow.  For me to say Faye Reagan looks like a natural actress is saying a lot, because (and I love you porn stars, I really do) but most of you can’t act even when you’re trying.  Maybe that’s the joke, maybe you’re totally serious… either way, I don’t know for sure.

But back to Faye Reagan,  get to know her, she is a good cross between that pink amateur cutie look and a professional.  She has that “I’d so bang her,” girl next door approachable appeal, which does it for me at times.

AND now for the nekkid shots and Whore Score™.

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Spotlight: Jenna Haze

Welcome to the After Dark Spotlight- All links are NSFW

Jenna Haze is a household name at this point, and if you don’t know it, then shame on you.  She isn’t quite a classic, but she is an icon when it comes to women in porn today.  When I know Jenna Haze is in a movie I watch, I know at least THAT scene will be good.  She has been doing porn since 2001, and she hasn’t augmented her body which is something I find commendable.

Jenna is active on twitter, a fan of the 420, is a model for Fleshlight, and has a tight body.  What more could you ask for in a woman?

Whore Score and Photos after the cut…Enjoy

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Spotlight: Ashlynn Brooke

Welcome to the After Dark Spotlight- All links are NSFW

First, don’t confuse her with Bree Olson or she’ll snub you, Ashlynn Brooke is quite a different gal.

Second, when people say “eh, mainstream porno just isn’t for me… its so fake, and I prefer amateur anyway.”  I introduce them to Ashlynn Brooke.  She is a cute blond with a “girl nextdoor” look to her, and very easy to like from her screen work.  Ashlynn isn’t over the top, but is still quite lovely to watch.

If you’re into a young looking,southern girl with curves (*ahem* T&A); watch Ashlynn Brooke.  If you like women so sweet it makes them hot,  sincere (not porny), playful starlet; watch Ashlynn Brooke.  She has fun being herself on and off camera, which to me is what makes her really sexy.  I hope she makes it to Exxxotica NJ this year, it was fun meeting her last year at the ECN Anniversary.

Oh, and she <3’s DAPS ;) AND here is her twitter.

NSFW Pics and her Whore Score

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Spotlight: Rachel Starr

Welcome to the After Dark Spotlight- All links are NSFW

Rachel Starr is a sexy brunette from Texas with a beautiful butt, killer bj skills and doesn’t mind talking dirty.  Rachel Starr also tweets which is pretty cool.  She enjoys reading (lately about Buddhism), she wants to learn Spanish, likes bondage and seems to give up a great picture every day of herself.

I really enjoy the access I have to my business through twitter honestly, plus it is fast and fun.  I mean, who has time for more than 140 characters?  She also has a MySpace, but um, who still uses MySpace?  I also found this nifty fan site for her too, and then of course is the mass of pics people find on freeones. Rachel isn’t one of those crazy girl porn stars in film, as far as I can tell she hasn’t even done anal on film!

I know all this “free stuff” is technically stealing from the xxx industry, but, fans like to sample before they buy.  I don’t frown upon it oh so much.  If you enjoy what you can find on your favorite stars online, get their swag and show them how much you really love them!  Rachel has done some work for Brazzers, once you sign up for their site – you get access too a few others.

Practice safe sex, get a VOD account!

I know, I know… show you more….

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Spotlight: James Deen

Welcome to the After Dark Spotlight, all links are NSFW

James Deen is a guy you’re going to love to hate, or hate to love –

either way he is hot and bangs chicks for a living.

Poor James kept having his twitpic accounts shut down on him because he was trying to share with the world his daily routine.  He would wake up, go to work, bang some chicks and eat burritos. This thoughtful, sexy man would take pics of the lady(s) he was fucking that day for our viewing pleasure and twitter just did NOT appreciate it.


After going through, I think 3 different programs he decided to blog about his life instead!  Just recently he added a concrete formula to his writing; he rates restaurants (and I can use that term loosely because he is also an editor, so his doesn’t doesn’t rock ALL the time) with different types of boobs and then takes pics of the girl he fucked that day… they usually always obey his “no panties rule”.  Lucky him, eh?

As Barbie is a fangirl of Jack Lawrence, I am a fangirl of James <3

He doesn’t look like a typical male porn star (neither the overly buff meat-head or the skeezy gross guy), which I love – he does his own thing.  Women seem to really enjoy doing scenes with him, which I also love.  He’ll whisper to the girls and do things just for them, I’ve also notice he’ll go down more often too (if only for just a minute, he will still try and put it in there!)

He’ll do MILFs, foreigners, punky girls, spoofs, horror flixxx, straight girls, amateurs, BDSM girls… so if you like a certain type of scene you can find him in it.  In fact, he won best porn star of the year I think the last 3 years in a row – so that has to prove something!

His cock is a great size, he has a funny personality and he is always DTF… what more could you ask for?

Spotlight: Alexis Texas

Welcome to the After Dark Spotlight – All links NSFW.

Usually people fall into two categories;  Boobs fans or Ass fans.  If you are an ass fan, Alexis Texas is your gal.  She has one of the best asses I’ve seen in porn, on a blonde, and in general really.  Alexis is smoking hot, loves to have sex, and has a weakness for Popeye’s Chicken.  Inside Fact, True Story.  Check her out in Alexis is Buttwoman, or watch her with any of her favorite co-stars like in Buttwoman vs Slutwoman.

Alexis Texas is consistent too, she always does a good scene – watch out for anything starring her and Mr. Pete though, that’s her guy! Her Whore Score™ is a 285. She might have a fabulous ass, but she doesn’t do a lot of anal films…yet.

More? MORE? M O R E??

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Spotlight: Sasha Grey

Welcome to Jane Blow After Dark, Links are NSFW, Happy Fapping!

Sasha is a force that cannot be denied.  She joined the xxx industry with a firm head on her shoulders, and goals in mind.  Ms. Grey takes an “all or nothing” approach to all she does, which definitely includes porno.  Her first flick was Fashionistas Safado, and she costarred with the famed Rocco Siffredi. She made fast friends with the cast and especially Belladonna.  Now she has over 200 movies under her belt (?) including stepping into mainstream, an ad for PETA , and onto Entourage as well.  DESPITE what happened on the Tyra Banks show (is it so unbelievable that people LIKE porn?) oo look, “how to” vids made by SG herself! Oh, and she tweets.

Belladonna waited until now to release a movie aptly named Fuck Sasha Grey (plus a bunch of other titles) for this very moment in time (media flourish and all) and from the little I’ve watched of the never before released scenes; all I can say is a very impressed “wow”.  Sasha Grey makes writing a spotlight easy because she is so naturally raw;I look forward to seeing what else she will do in her career.  Her Whore Score is low (387), but remember she is just a “baby” and is playing her cards smart.

If you like Belladonna, Evil Angel, and the rougher side of porn… if you love watching a star who knows how to handle a cock and command the scene… and you haven’t watched Sasha… you should.

Here she is in an interview on G4 talking about starring on Entourage.

PS. Sasha, if you’re reading along, please stay natural!!  You’ve got the cutest body, I’d die happy if I could bite your butt… and your beautiful long dark hair… I <3 you in the worst fangirl way!

More nsfw pics :plugs in her custom Hitachi wand:  see ya later folks…

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