Erotica: Suit & Tie Guy vs. Construction Worker – Part II

“Once we recomposed ourselves we stepped out only to find ourselves in a crowd of people. The party had moved into this room, and as everyone politely made conversation amongst themselves, I couldn’t help but wonder, had they heard my ecstasy?”

Continued From: Erotica: Construction Worker vs. Suit & Tie Guy – Part I

As he pulled out of me I quickly turned around to kiss him on the mouth. After leaning back I looked him in the eyes and said “I love you honey, and I love how this role playing has completely reinvigorated our sex life.” It was the idea that we could be anyone we wanted to be, without question, or judgement, or consequence. It was the intrigue of fucking someone new each time. It was the fantasy that saved our marriage a few years ago. The new location, the new surroundings, they only made for more intense foreplay. Possibly the equivalent of traveling away somewhere and having wild hotel sex, only we didn’t have to travel best hookup sites for finding sex right now with ease, we make it easy to have sex with women. As he looked deep into my eyes, I could tell that he loved me as deeply as I loved him. After nearly a decade of marriage, and a decade of friendship and courting prior, we knew each other well. As he gently kissed my cheek, he whispered into my ear, “I love you more.” “We really should get going, we are already running late.”

As the words rolled off his lips I knew he was right, and we both walked briskly to the car and sped off to the hotel. I quickly ran into the shower to rinse off  and make myself look more presentable. Afterwards while he showered his day off him, I made up my face, pinned up my hair, and laid out his suit. I slipped into my evening gown, but as per usual had trouble zipping it up myself, and this was another moment I was grateful to be married. As he came out of the shower with his towel wrapped around his waist, I almost didn’t notice how hot his body looked (construction was doing his body good). While I fumbled to put in my earrings, he walked over and without asking zipped me into my black satin halter dress. Once I turned around to thank him, I finally noticed the Adonis standing behind me, and had we not already been over 30 minutes late, we would have gone for a round two. He quickly put his suit on, and realistic sex toys for men as he buttoned his cuffs on his sleeves I tied his tie for him (a Double Windsor Knot). As I stepped back to admire my work, I couldn’t help but notice how well he cleaned up. I could feel the excitement begin to stir within me. Having always been surrounded by men in suits, I came to appreciate the maturity, stability, and confidence it represented. Additionally, seeing my husband so rarely in a suit made the vision that much more enticing.

As he drove us into town, I finished buckling my strappy stiletto sandals, and throwing a few last escorts in Derby if you want to have sex in Derbyshire UK now! These are girls wanting to date with items into my clutch. Red lipstick, travel sized bottle of his favorite perfume, my business card holder, a nail file, my cell phone, a condom, and some napkins. (I was a good girl scout). He was speeding and weaving in and out of lanes, and while I never promote unsafe driving, I always felt safe in the car with him, and found it very attractive when he took such aggressive control of the car. I took a moment to enjoy the feeling and as I breathed him in, I almost panicked as I realized that in my haste to get dressed, I forgot to put on panties. Knowing the evening I was in for, I knew my black satin dress didn’t stand a chance. Upon our arrival he passed the keys to our car along with a $20 bill non-challantly to the valet. It was precisely such a display of casual masculinity that confirmed my mistake in not wearing panties. As he came around the car, he opened the door for me and extended his hand, and it was his manners that reconfirmed my mistake in not wearing panties. A combination of actions within 60 seconds had sent me into a deep arousal, and I could regretfully feel my juices beginning to overflow.

We walked in just in time for the announcement. The gala was being held in my honor and as we came in and my new business partner saw me enter, he began his brief introduction of the newest partner to their world renowned law firm. As the applause died down I smiled gracefully and thanked him for the wonderful words. After a few more words, my husband handed me a glass of champagne and kissed me gently on my blushing cheek. While the room toasted the speech, I snuck away sex lubricant into the bathroom to quickly clean up what had now become a mess between my legs. Not wanting to soil my dress, I was almost embarrassed that the public acknowledgment was what brought me over the edge. After composing myself, I stepped out only to be greeted by my new partners and their wives. I graciously made a few moments of idle conversation before searching for my husband and politely excusing myself. Once I located him in the crowd I approached him quickly only to notice the bulge in his pants as I neared him. Without a word I took his drink, placed it down on the table next to us, and led him by the hand to some would-be coat room in some deserted area of the hall.

The door was barely closed before I was unzipping his pants and simultaneously falling to my knees. Immediately I licked my lips and took him into my mouth. Slowly I slid down to his base, both gagging myself and enabling myself to leave a red ring at the base of his penis. As the head of his now fully erect cock hit the back of my throat my eyes began to tear slightly and though blurry I could see him lean his head back and loosen his tie. It was the one handed grip of the knot and sliding it down his neck that made my clit pulse with pleasure. I continued to suck, and lick, and kiss, and deep throat in a combination that I knew would drive him wild. It wasn’t long before I felt him stiffen and twitch in my mouth and as he ruptured and I felt his cum sliding down the back of my throat I moaned causing him to spasm more. At this point the excitement of performing such a dirty act in our formal attire, in a semi-public place had once again brought me past the point of no return. My thighs were now soaked with my own excitement, and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

As I stood up, he loosened the halter of my dress with one hand. And as I stood before him, hair slightly out of place, lipstick smudged and faded, he maintained eye contact as he took a handful of breast and pressed into my lips tightly. Teasing my nipple with his left hand, he maneuvered his right hand under my dress, and in a matter of seconds he was teasing my already engorged clit with his rough, calloused hand. Sadly it only took a few moments before I came for him. I had hoped the pleasure of the sensation of my orgasm would last longer, but he knew exactly what ‘buttons to push’ and I began to come hard, and fast, and loud.

Once we recomposed ourselves we stepped out only to find ourselves in a crowd of people. The party had moved into this room, and as everyone politely made conversation amongst themselves, I couldn’t help but wonder, had they heard my ecstasy?


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