Femme Funn & Nalone Sex Toys: Curve

Femme Funn sent me a Nalone Curve for an honest review.


The Curve was one of the toys in the Nalone line that I thought had more in the positive category than the negative. It has ‘touch’ technology along with being able to use the toy with the buttons.

Having a touch control was helpful while in the dark, I can hold it to myself and not worry about pressing the wrong button because the metal was the button. I tried holding it in a few different ways, and usually, a part of me was touching the toy. Another plus is the buttons glow in the dark, whether in touch mode or not, fumbling blind with a new toy was not an issue. My partner thought the non traditional control option (touch) was an interesting addition to a sex toy, not overly complicated, but mostly just “ok”. Others who are more tech or gimmick inclined will love this toy more.

It was explained to me by Femme Funn that

“People who are disabled or are arthritic have enjoyed using Curve because of the touch controls.”

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The button controls are top: + (the power level button). Middle: traditional power button. Bottom: touch control switch.

I wish the buttons were top: power button. Middle a + and – for power levels. Bottom: touch control switch.

A power button separate from the other controls is good. After orgasm many people are too sensitive and need a quick off switch for their toys.

I’ve used Curve a dozen times and have yet to recharge it – another plus. The cord is a little short, but that is a nit-picky criticism.

The shape of the sex toy is fine, it fits well enough in my hand, my partner’s hand, against my body, between both of our bodies during sex, and the curve can cradle a penis too. Curve is not recommend for ‘behind a harness’ play, the buttons are too sensitive and bump against the strap on.



Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 12.04.49 AM

In general, I feel there are 4 types of vibration available in the sex toy market: treble (buzzy), bass (rumbly), surface (useless) and deep tissue (jack hammers).

Curve has a buzz type vibration, and borders on having surface vibration. Buzz vibrations are not my favorite. Bass vibration toys tend to appeal to a bigger market.

Did I orgasm? Yes, barely. These types of orgasms suck for me. I repeat, buzz isn’t my thing. During sex I found myself wanting a deeper vibration. If you like buzz, Curve is more for you. The only good part of this industry being flooded with toys – is that there is a toy for everyone.

Curve is made of nonporous silicone, which is very easy to clean. The groove around the metal could use help from a tooth brush if your lube somehow makes a mess. I tend to use Pjur MedClean Spray to clean most of my toys.

This toy does not make my Personal Top 5 Favorite Vibrators in the Contour Category. My vag likes what it likes and makes no apologies. If it had more power, wasn’t pink, and possibly a change to the controls – it might make my Top 10.

I will buy Nalone’s Curve for Nitecap Megastore. The tech hungry folks will enjoy it and the touch technology makes sense for people with dexterity issues.

For videos, check out YouTube Channel: Femme Funn

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