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Femme Funn contacted the shop I manage, Nitecap Megastore (NCP), and asked if we would carry their products. I have made it a practice to feel everything (in my hands at least) that comes into NCP as a quality control measure. Selling toys for the last 10 years, and owning toys for much longer – I think this is a good way to do safety & quality control tests for what clients’ are buying.

Mike Savage of Femme Funn & Nalone sent his cheery brother, Steve, to represent the full lines they proudly carry. He led us in a Show & Tell highlighting what the company is all about, along with product functions, and selling tips. My employees were able to ask questions from a personal and a retail point of view.

After the presentation – we were all left unsure of the products. Another set of kegal balls, another thrusting rabbit, another ‘works with sound’ toy, some wands, and a couple of toys that use touch activation and electricity. Some were good, others were ho-hum. As predicted some employees liked some items more than their coworkers.

I was underwhelmed, and told Steve, “maybe 4 items of the line had promise” (bang for buck).  The gentlemen at Femme Funn, are not in love with that answer and REALLY want me to carry Nalone. They have asked me to review their toy line, honestly. Since this is work for me and I have bills to pay, I agreed to do it for payment.

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Nalone stands behind their brand fully, which is nice. I was told that if they can make changes – they will. So far Femme Funn (I’m working with Avi now) is handling my constructive criticism without being brash. Learning, innovation, and profit are top priority.

Sex toy industry, I hope you’re reading along.

Femme Funn’s website is B2B; enjoy looking at the pictures if you are not a buyer for a shop. The site also has music, so beware if you’re trying to browse incognito. I’ve noticed sites online have picked up their line if you do a quick google, and so far Entrenue (my rep is Kim <3) has a few of their items.

This is the main post about the toy company – the following links will direct you to the reviews on the toys as I get them. After fully knowing that most of the line is not made for my vagina, these are my reviews.

Anyone else hear the Law & Order -doink doink- after that last line? Good.

In general:

Nalone – is a ‘play on words’, it is a smush of ‘You Are Not Alone’.

All of the Nalone toys are in fancy boxes with a minimalist sleeve of information and picture of the toy. The boxes are black but will come in white soon, and they are looking into other colors for the toys too.

There are 4 different types of vibration mentioned in the following reviews. Treble (buzzy), bass (rumbly), surface (useless) and deep tissue (jack hammers).


First Batch of Toys Sent:

Nalone Wave

Nalone Curve

Nalone Yany

Second Batch of Toys Sent:


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