Femme Funn & Nalone: Yany Metal Kegal Balls

Femme Funn sent me the Nalone Yany for an honest review.

I am no stranger to duo tone balls. I currently own a handful of other models. My first set of kegal weights were a small metal pair of benwa balls that came nestled in a plastic jewelry box. At the ripe age of 19 I placed both balls inside, daring them to tell me my vag was loose. Holding on firmly with my muscles… they both came out after 10 minutes and walking a few feet. Thankfully I was wearing panties to catch them. My vag was devastated. The woman hosting the sex toy party warned me, but I didn’t listen, and did everything wrong. Well, except wearing panties. Learning that I should trust live help more than a movie was a good lesson.

I placed 2 balls inside — instead of starting with one.

I placed them within the first inch or so of my vag — it should have been as deep inside as my pointer finger can get the ball.

I should have started off by sitting or standing in place.

Eventually, I learned all about kegal exercise. You (all genders) can do them anywhere. A person should start by finding where the muscles are by stopping their urine flow. Try it the next time you pee. Those are the muscles you are trying to isolate, they are called the pubococcygeus muscles. Avoid clenching the entire pelvis and anus area. Doing kegal exercise will help your sex life. Lasting longer, feeling more, and pushing your partner over the edge by flexing your pubococcygeus are the sexual bonuses. If childbirth happens or age sets in, doing kegal exercises also helps with incontinence.

After finding the muscles to isolate, hold/clench them for 5 seconds and let go for 5 seconds. You can do a few sets of 10 like this throughout the day. When you add duo tone, benwa, or a toy to your kegal routine, you are adding a dumbbell to a workout. You must continuously hold onto the balls with your muscles or they will come out.

Benwa balls can be put into a condom if you (person with a vagina) are nervous about extraction. They are weighty, by simply standing and relaxing, the benwa balls will come out. If you forget you have them in, wearing panties will help stop them from rolling down the stairs.

Benwa were featured in Fifty Shades of Grey. Prior to the book release, benwa balls collected dust on many stores’ shelves – after, shops sell out of dozens of pairs weekly. The book relates them to a pebble in your shoe; a reminder of him inside of her. Orgasms might have happened in the book because of the benwa – but that is a lie.

Duotone balls are a ball within a ball. If you giggle them in your hand, you can feel them rumble. These are made more for pleasure and exercise. Although, only (if any) the most sensitive vagina can orgasm from them. Along with squeezing around them, you can also do resistance training with them because they all include an extraction “string”. Most have 2 balls in a set with the option of using 1 of them at a time. Some include balls with different weights.

Nalone boasts that they are the first metal duo tone balls. If anyone knows of a metal set – let me know, we can link up!

Yany are metal, with silicone around them as a case/harness. Yany set consists of 4 balls and 2 harnesses.

Silicone and metal are nonporous which makes them body safe and very easy to clean. I use Pjur MedClean spray.

As long as you have realistic expectations from a duo tone balls, you will enjoy them.


Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 3.36.27 AM


While wearing Yany, I wished they were textured on the inside so I can feel more ‘vibration’ throughout the day.

Yany are fun when worn vaginally when you’re having anal sex. The added weight and wiggle is delightful. I watched Asa Akira do a scene like this in a Tristan porno, and thought “WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?!”

Yany can be used for hours and no one will be the wiser. If you do tell friends, many find it difficult to not squeeze their own muscles when someone says “kegal”. Admit it, you just did one. Try doing your kegals when you’re stuck at a traffic light, or during Netflix marathons.

Yany are on the smaller side and are more comfortable than some of the larger sets on the market.

Temperature play is possible because the Yany balls are metal. Try placing them in ice-water before use. I’m a big fan of cold toys. If you do not want the “cold stethoscope” feeling on your genitals, hold them in your hands or behind your knee to get them warm. Now I’m imaging frozen kegal balls in cocktails.

The Yany were used multiple times in 2 day increments for a few hours at a time. Then I skipped a couple of days and tried out another pair from my collection. I can’t say I love them more than a couple of other pairs I have, but I would rather wear Yany than a loose benwa ball.

Femme Funn has reported,

The balls are made of aluminum with press forming technology, the color comes from anodizing the metal, and mirror polished. The color will not rub off and the balls will not rust.

Hopefully in the future they will use titanium or 316 stainless steel, which are far more body safe. Both metals are used for body piercings and high end metal toys (both of which I am quite fond). There should be more funding towards Dildology.org to get to the bottom of sex toy safety.

Yany by Nalone is fit for Nitecap Megastore. They are an easy sale to people curious to try kegal toys who want something weighty, simple, and not made of glass or ABS plastic.

If you think this review is too vagina centric, if you have a penis, try out The Private Gym. Normally, I wouldn’t pimp another product in a review – but it is for an entirely different audience for the same purpose. Enjoy.

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