Review: XL Silver Fox Crystal Minx Tail with Glass Plug

Ever been so happy you’d wag if you had a tail? Our silly human bodies just wiggle without a tail. They look kind of silly considering YOU’RE imagining you have a tail and the rest of the world just sees an excited wiggle.

I’ve had a few moments in the last year that “made me so happy I could wag”.  Few of my friends tried to quit smoking, and a couple of them succeeded. There have been promotions, job changes, conventions, engagements… but I (happily) digress.

OK- Mind you, I don’t consider myself a furry or an anthro-puppy, nor am I into the fetishized puppy or pony (etc animal) play.  For me, sometimes non-human feelings creep up on me. Ever look at a building and wished you could climb it like a spider? Ever want to get somewhere “as the crow flies”? How about ravish your partner like a beast or seduce them (step out of being shy/docile) as if you were a kitten posing like a predator cat? Pounce a friend you haven’t seen in a while? … Get the drift?

I had another “I’m so happy I could wag” moments and said to myself, next time I have an opportunity to make this happen… I’m going to go for it. Fuck all who thinks it is “weird”. As you can guess, an opportunity arose to own a Crystal Delights creation after I went to Momentum, and one does not pass them up.

I love Crystal Delights’ creations. I have a couple of plugs from them, I’ll always reblog a “butt bling” pic on tumblr, and I’ve always admired the tails. I was asked to review their new bunny tail (the tail is now held on with a strong magnet for easy cleaning, storage, and insertion) but, knowing me… I wouldn’t be able to do the review justice. I know I secretly wag, so I asked if I could swap up the product and to my surprise, it was ok with them!

Warning: This gets a little long winded, but I had a rad time with a tail! SEE?!


The tail came with a care guide, which is a great idea. I know how to take care of glass, silicone, leather, and a myriad of other sex toy do-dads; but fur? Fur is a new one for me. I read through them, put them in a safe place, and then stroked the tail and giggled for a little while. I wasn’t “feeling” it yet, I was very excited, but it just wasn’t time. Few days went by and I finally felt “playful”, like a play tackle, roll around in the grass playful.

The new minx tails come with a little clasp that attach it to the plug, so I un-did the clasp eased the plug in (used Sliquid H2O to help). The glass in my opinion is lighter than the metal plugs I have; the stem of the plug made it fit just right for me- Crystal Delights really have their shapes down.


Left to Right: Med. Metal Butt Bling Opal Crystal, Crystal Delight's Minx Glass Plug for the xl silver fox tail, Sm Metal Plug with Flat base instead of round with red jewel = shown for size reference in my hand.,


I love glass and metal for their smoothness (I’m not in love with how some toy materials ‘drag’), and I LOVE their weight. I like how glass is cold but heat up to body temperature so well; they feel molten warm when you’re done with them. Glass is an experience I think everyone should feel… if you don’t like it, more for me. But try it… you’ll feel like you’re spoiling yourself… every day… well, however often you use glass and other higher quality toys.

Then I played the “get the tail attached to the plug” game, stupid me tried doing it blind a couple of times but gave up quickly and instead sat with the plug for a few minutes getting used to it. The hook and clasp are small, made me worry a little about how delicate it seemed. When my body relaxed, I took it out, attached the tail and reinserted. Wiping up with a baby wipe/paper towel to not get any lube on the tail… and tada! I HAD A FREAKN’ TAIL!

Putting out of my mind that a tail is technically supposed to go at the end of my “tail bone” and this was a bit lower, I told myself “um… shut up… YOU HAVE A TAIL, it doesn’t need to be perfect” … then checked it out in the mirror. My honest reaction?



::wiggle:: no! I FREAKIN’ WAGGED!!!!!

::jaw drop…wag again::

This went on for, uh, 10 minutes… ::cough:: anyway…

I’ve had eerie “I wish I could shape shift” walks at night. I’m more than read up on werewolf lore. This is cool, having a tail was cool. After taking a few pics, I did the next logical thing.

Broke out my list of “Things to do if I Ever had a Tail”… don’t pretend like you don’t have one too.

I crawled, stalked my dog (who, wasn’t amused, what a dick), cut a hole in my pants and went roller blading, I suppressed the urge to pounce strangers on a walk, and laughed at peoples’ reactions as I walked past. I tried sitting, jumping, rolling around pretend play fighting with a pillow… which dislodged the plug (and the tail broke off) after a few rolls and a good laugh. Darn.

I broke it, I was legit sad. But it was an easy fix! I plan on soldering the tiny metal rings closed to make the plug Jane proof. They’re just little jewelry clasps, which are very easily repaired, replaced or redone. I might try and find a small key ring/clasp instead. But for now, I fixed it, and it is fine.

Let’s see… I WAGGED, I’ve done A LOT of wagging. I talked on the phone laying on my tummy, I felt the tail against my bare legs as I did clean the house and laze around stuff.

After each tail day, I take out the plug carefully, not touching or pulling on the tail for any help getting it out, do not do that. Unclasped the tail and made sure it was clean, taken care of, and hung. And then I’d wash the glass plug as you’d wash any other glass toy. A good soap, some water, 10% bleach spray and a rinse… then into the toy/dish rack to allow it to dry.

Other than the clasp and no one to pounce, I have a great time with my xl silver fox tail, I cannot express my thanks enough to Crystal Delights for allowing me to review one! Needless to say, I highly recommend all of their products, especially the minx tails and plugs to anyone curious enough to give it a go – or feel the need to add an amazing tail to their fursona costume!

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  • Scarlet

    Love the review, I swear one day I will have one of these and I am quite sure my reactions will be just the same.