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Dear Jane: My Partner Doesn’t like Anal Sex / Oral Sex… But I Love it.

Dear Jane,

I started dating a girl who said ‘Nothing in the butt, ever.  It’s gross.’  How can I change her mind/trick her?


I love eating pussy.  But my girlfriend said ‘no’.  Summat about a bad experience with another guy and she doesn’t wanna talk about it.  Any idea why she’s being such a bitch?

Are very related, you are basically asking for something you partner is set against for their own personal reasons, and both can be had with time and patience on your side.

Anal sex is mind over matter, she feels it is gross.  Some people NEVER get over this mindset, others get curious enough to give it a try.  You need to hope she is the later of the two.  Oral sex could be the same way, in fact, many sexual acts are the same way.  Without a “want” to do something, people create reasons NOT to do something.  It is the classic trying to get kids to eat their vegetables situation.

With bad experiences, and dead set against mindsets you need to create a positive association to trick their brains (what, did you think I was going to say “roofie them”?).

How?  Be hungry for your partner, have sex with them like if you don’t, you’ll die.  Hold them to you, grab their ass while you’re fucking their brains out.  Kiss them like they’ve never been kissed before… and when their eyes are rolling back in their heads, their hair is a mess, and you think they’ll agree to do just about anything… let your hands stray to your desired area of conquest.  If you know your partner’s body like you should, and made them cum hard a few times, you’ll be surprised what they’ll let you get away with.


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Want to Play Twister? Lotus

I gave you these Positions to work on;  here is another!

Traditionally the guy sits and crosses his legs to create a basket for his lady’s butt and you rock, grind and do little bounce motions instead of pound away at your partner.  This position is good for guys who need a break from missionary, any couple who likes eye contact, kissing and being close to one another.

Other good things about this position:

Guys – Cup and hold, squeeze, grab and play with her ass and pull her into you.  Hug onto her, you can scratch and rub her back … up her neck and get your hands into her hair for a tug.  Play with her breasts, kiss her neck… there are MANY hot buttons that are accessible to push to make your lady moan your name.  Dirty talk is so much hotter when its spoken in a position like this.

Ladies - It is fun for you because you get a good grind against his pelvis and the shaft of his dick for your clit, with a little leaning you can also rock out on your G-Spot with this position.  The kissing, scratching, hair pulling are fair game for you. His neck and ears are right there for you to kiss and tell him how great it feels.

GLBT – Along with the hetero couples who already know about this position, I know many of you know it as well.  The advantages for you are the toys specially made to make this position rock for you and the easy access your skilled fingers and hands have.  When you perfect the basics, everything else is so much more wonderful.

More pics (NSFW) and info behind the cut.

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