Sexlopedia: The Furry Vocabulary Edition

Instead of doing several posts for Furry vernacular, I’m going to keep this post going for all the fun Furry related words and terms. I’ll alphabetize eventually.

Some of the terms are just sounds they make because they aren’t fully human or human at all. Others are converted human words so they’re more fun for the furries.  Some are definitions of things they do. I’ve heard/found many terms that pertain to conventions and online communities; I wont include these because they’re mostly acronyms that pertain to any online community. Ex) Flame: To belittle, harass, insult, or mock another user or concept. A flame is distinctive in that it is not intended to create constructive discussion.

Although the online terms are important to the furry community because that is where 90% of their social interaction takes place, most of them are known to any online user over the age of 15.

Kemonomimi: Is an anime and manga terminology that describes characters that possess animal like features. The characters will be predominately human and any real animal characteristics are minimal


Yerfday/Whelpday: Birthday.

Scritch: The act of gently scratching someone’s back, neck or between the ears in an affectionate manner using one’s fingernails (or more lightly with fingertips), or the claws. Commonly used to show affection, but not to be done in general to strangers.

Fursuit: The costume; which can be basic ears and a tail, but is usually referring to the full mascot costumes.

Shiney!: Any object that reflects light technically. Species such as raccoons and ferrets like to collect them. But usually refers to anything that a furry wants/likes. Ex. They see a cool set of pouches to add to a costume, or they see someone they like … they’ll exclaim SHINEY!

Kyoot: Cute. Sickingly, omg, annoying cute.

Yiff: The act of having sex, either in real life, or on-line in a role-play context.

Zaftig: A fat furry.

Free Paws: The act of not wearing shoes to develop “pads” to better walk on rougher surfaces.  This way, they feel more connected to their environment.

Darkfurr/Gothfur: A gothic furry

Kemono: Furry art that depicts the fur living as a human… eating normal food, wearing clothing, in human situations like a job etc.

Greymuzzle: A furry over a certain age (35+ depending on who you ask) or someone who was a furry before major internet groups were formed (or even before the internet). It is a reference to how your pet’s muzzle turns grey as they get older.

Merf: A sound made to show suprise or annoyance.


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